tweaking the entropy pool for a better SOA performance

At my current assignment, I’ve gone to great lengths to improve the Oracle SOA Enterprise Manager Console performance. One of the actions I took, was purging about 700 gigabytes of data from the dehydration store. Although that solved lots of other problems, the EM still wasn’t very responsive. Loading composite details could take op to 20 minutes, it they ever loaded at all. Apparently, the database was ok, because there was no load at all (more...)

Improving login performance on OFM EMC

A new parameter, introduced in in speeds up login on the Enterprise manager by using cached results when available.It is described in note 1423893.1  on the Oracle support site.

It involves adding the parameter oracle.sysman.emas.discovery.wls.FMW_DISCOVERY_USE_CACHED_RESULTS = true.

In order to locate the parameter, open the Enterprise Manager. Click on the the soa_infra entry in the tree on the left (usually something like Farm_soa_prd | (more...)