UKOUG Tech14 – APEX Highlights

Last week I spent 4 days at the annual UK Oracle User Group conference, this time around called Tech14.  It was my first UKOUG conference in a number of years and I set out with the intention of treating it like an all you can eat buffet of APEX presentations and workshops.

So, what were the APEX highlights of Tech14? Well, I have to start with the presentations given by Joel KalmanDavid Peake (more...)

Fun with Bubbles – Part 2

In my previous post a couple of days back, I demonstrated a simple Apex demo with D3 pulling dynamic data from the database in the form of a bubble chart.  I promised to share the code so here it is.

It's really quite simple.  In short, i've created a table, D3_COUNTRIES, which contains 10 sets of rows each with a country code, name and a value.  The Javascript code on the page has an interval (more...)

Fun with Bubbles!

I'm on a train up to Liverpool for the UK Oracle User Group Tech 14 conference, and decided it's about time for a post showing something I've been working on.  I don't post often these days, which I blame on work and family commitments, but is actually just down to pure laziness.  Anyhow, I'm feeling in the mood so I'll just get on with it in case the desire to catch some zzz's becomes overwhelming. (more...)

Oracle 12c Database finally lands…..

It's finally here, for Linux & Solaris at least: Oracle 12c Database

Mapping The World’s Energy On The Move…

Here's a link to a nice write up in Forbes on something that I was involved with over the last few years:

Thomson Reuters Eikon - Mapping The World's Energy On The Move

Oracle Locator and Spatial

If you already use Oracle Spatial or Locator then you probably already know Simon Greeners SpatialDB Advisor blog, but if not then I can recommend it as an invaluable source of Spatial nuggets.  Whether you are just starting out with Spatial or have some level of experience with it you (more...)

Apex and Graph Visualisation Libraries

I was recently asked by a client to create a quick POC in Apex to demonstrate how relationships between physical assets (in this case oil refineries) could be maintained using a graphical tool.  So I looked at a number of different Javascript graphing libraries and chose MXGraph from JGraph which (more...)

Work Yourself Fitter

It's been a while since my last blog post but as I'm now looking for my next Oracle contract (hopefully Apex again purrrlease) I've a little time on my hands.  So I thought I would share with you my latest creation.  It's a variation on the Treadputer which is basically (more...)

Apex 4.0: SQL in Plugins and seeing Stars…..

This is my first post in a few weeks as I've been a little busy with work recently, which is just criminal as I really just want to play with Apex 4 EA2.  Oh well, bills have to be paid and children fed I suppose.

Anyway, let's cut to (more...)

Apex EA2 update

To see the new style Plugins use this link to the Plugins Application provided by Patrick Wolf:

Plugins Application

I've managed to copy the syntax used in some of these plugins to update those on my Online Store demo.

I've still need to upload some images and it looks like (more...)

Apex EA2 is now available

The good news is that it appears that applications exported from Early Adopter Phase 1 import ok in the new EA2.

The bad news is that plugins have had a bit of an overhaul. It looks like the PL/SQL code used to construct a plugin now uses functions rather than (more...)

Static Region Id’s and Ajax Fun

More Online Store demo shenanigans for you. A bit dry this one I'm afraid.

A couple of days back I decided to export/import my Online Store demo, and whilst viewing the new imported version of the application found it to be completely kaput.  It didn't take long to realise (more...)

jQuery Zooming

Many online stores offer potential buyers the choice to view large version of images of products, but increasingly there is a tendancy to allow 'zooming' in on products to see more detail.  Amazon allows this with many of its products, for instance.

There is a plugin for jQuery which (more...)

Well Fancy that!

I came across a jQuery plugin called FancyBox for creating nice "floating" overlay windows, which I have incorporated into my online store demo.  Just click on the product name and it will display the details in a modal window. 

It doesn't currently work in IE 6, although I'm (more...)

Range Slider Plugin

I've spent a little time updating my online shop demo recently. I've still a long way to go but initially I am trying to get as much core functionality built into the search page, such as trying not to submit the page at all and do as much with Ajax (more...)

So yes, it really is just a big iPhone.

So, if, and it's still really an if at this stage, the iPad takes off in a big way (and you know how what happens next - designers/marketing/sales, etc buy them, take them to meetings, then everyone in the company wants one) this really is going to have an impact (more...)

Multi touch and web applications

The award for the "worst kept secret of the last 12 months" will no doubt be awarded to Apple later this week after the unveiling of the iThingamy this Wednesday (27th).   As I said in an earlier post, this is likely to herald the start of the era (more...)

Shop ’til ya drop, Apex 4 style.

Bad title I know, but it's late here in the UK, so I hope you'll cut me a little slack?

Now I said I would update you on my progress with creating an online shop for my wifes business.  So, this is what I have so far.

I've taken (more...)

iSlate, iPad, or whatever it will be called

Interesting article on the BBC News site regarding how Apple 'manages' controlled leaks.

It looks like a dead cert that Apple will anounce the iWhatever next week, and in doing so will arguably kick start the next generation of computing, that of the tablet based computer.  This (more...)


Well just 3 years after creating an account on Blogger I am writing my first post. This of course is at a time when, we are told, blogging is dying (or should actually be dead now according to this Wired article from a little while back).

So, with this in (more...)