Tyrus 1.0-rc1 released

Glassfish HCF is almost here, so is another Tyrus release. This one should be feature complete – that means all features and usecases described in the WebSocket specification (JSR 356) should work. We’ll see how many bugs will be raised after release..

Anyway, new WebSocket API (1.0-rc3) was released (more...)

Tyrus 1.0-b13 released

Tyrus 1.0-b13 is out and it brings new WebSocket API 1.0-rc1, which contains some bigger renames and additions, like the last time. Since it is going to affect almost all code written using previous API, I'll again try to summarize changes to make transition as easy as possible.


Original New
EndpointConfiguration EndpointConfig
ServerEndpointConfiguration ServerEndpointConfig
ClientEndpointConfiguration ClientEndpointConfig
ServerEndpointConfigurator ServerEndpointConfig.Configurator
ClientEndpointConfigurator ClientEndpointConfig.Configurator
ServerApplicationConfiguration ServerApplicationConfig
ServerEndpointConfigurationBuilder ServerEndpointConfig.Builder
ClientEndpointConfigurationBuilder ClientEndpointConfig.Builder
MessageHandler.Basic MessageHandler.Whole
MessageHandler.Async MessageHandler.Partial

New Features

Encoder and Decoder interface got two new methods - init(EndpointConfig) and destroy(). As you most likely guessed (more...)