Schema Consolidation – Setup

Schema as a Service provides database consolidation by allowing administrators to host multiple application schemas within a single database. This offers Database as a Service to possibly hundreds of application users without creating database sprawl. Users can perform day-to-day actions like provisioning, monitoring, and backup, all from a single Self Service console. Schema as a […]

Plagiarism and Posting

I received an interesting question as a comment on another post (which I’ll approve as soon as I post this one) and I thought it was interesting enough to add a completely separate post on my thoughts. In essence, the comment was along the lines of this: “With so much content and articles do you […]

Using the Self Service Portal with PDBaaS in EM

Following on from my earlier blog post on setting up Pluggable Database as a Service (PDBaaS) in EM, this post will cover how you actually use the Self Service Portal to create on demand an empty pluggable database within the container database I created for that earlier post. You’ll no doubt be pleased to […]

Database Consolidation (PDBaaS) – Setup

Introduction This is an almighty long post, because it walks you step-by-step through the setup of Pluggable Database as a Service (PDBaaS) in Enterprise Manager so there are a lot of screenshots. The actual setup doesn’t take long at all, so don’t be put off by the length of the post. :) Just as […]

Delivering DBaaS using EM12c

One of the jobs I’m currently working on is writing a technical whitepaper on Delivering DBaaS using EM12c. I realized as I was starting it that a technical whitepaper really isn’t the place for a step-by-step how-to sort of description, so I thought I’d better blog about it instead. Actually, I’m going to write a […]

Granting Access to BI Publisher in EM

In my Configuring Highly Available BI Publisher in EM post, I covered how you configured BI Publisher in a highly available environment. When BI Publisher is configured, by default only the super-administrator accounts you have defined in your EM12c environment have access to the tool. That means that none of your normal administrator level […]

What books by what authors should I read?

I’ve been asked the same question by multiple people, around what books by what authors are good to have, so let me answer it once here. :) The answer is easy – it depends! Are you interested in database administration? Application development against an Oracle database? Technical apps? Functional apps? High Availability? Enterprise Manager? No […]

Configuring Highly Available BI Publisher in EM

Those of you that have been around Enterprise Manager 12c for some time will recall the joy (for want of a better word!) we used to have configuring BI Publisher to work with Enterprise Manager. For those of you that haven’t looked at it yet, BI Publisher is the replacement for the now deprecated Information […] Middleware Management Features

Probably the last area for me to touch on in this series of blog posts about the Enterprise Manager release is the middleware management enhancements. That’s by no means because middleware management is the least important areas of enhancement, but rather simply a reflection of the fact it’s the area I know least about. […] Database Lifecycle Management Features

Another area of enhancements in the release of Enterprise Manager is Database Lifecycle Management, commonly known as DBLM. There have been enhancements and improvements right across the DBLM functionality, but for this blog I’d like to focus on the three areas that are arguably the most important from a customer’s perspective: Patching enhancements Compliance […]