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SOA Station has it's own domain now: The blog is still hosted via Google's Blogger service and will be still accessible at

Your hosted application is a virus vector

We are all used to seeing SaaS as an acronym for Software as a Service. It also doubles as another acronym for the non-functional features of a SaaS architecture. When you're providing a hosted service there are a number of non-functional features that need to be considered such as Scalability, (more...)

Sanity check your ORM

Have you ever had your application completely crash under load and wondered why something that just worked fine yesterday can drive you mental today?

Most of the time an Object-Relational Mapping package is the right solution for your applications to interact with a database. It does not matter if it (more...)

A new decade for Enterprise Java Applications

We are coming up on the 10th anniversary of the EJB 1.1 final release. When you take a look at the J2EE specification and the Enterprise Java Application programming models and frameworks that are out there now you begin to appreciate what an important step the EJB specification was. (more...)

Computer Software articles to use on your website

Often, when getting a web site or online service started the 'shop front' can look bare until you build up content. Producing your own content can take time. One option is to use free articles from other sources. The Computer Software section at Article Alley has hundreds of software product (more...)