Tomcat with ORDS running APEX behind a reverse proxy

A while ago I posted a guide how to set up nginx as a reverse proxy in front of tomcat to run ORDS and APEX. See the post here.

An open problem was that APEX was still thinking it runs on port 80 with http, while nginx was running https on port 443.

The fix to this is editing tomcats server.xml file and adding proxyPort and scheme (documentation) to the connector:

Restart (more...)

APEX Survey

As big fan of APEX Packaged Applications I always wanted to have a real life usecase for the Survey Builder.

Finally we got around to set up a survey to get an understanding of the current State of APEX Usage/Development worldwide.

You can take the survey here:

The aim of this survey is to create a report and share with everyone interested. This should help to get a common understanding of (more...)

Use a directory structure as Image Prefix in APEX

Usually the APEX images reside in a directory on your server called /i/, which can be changed on instance or application level.

In 95% of all cases I saw, the image prefix is /i/, sometimes it is extended by a version number like /i501/ or /i181/.

Did you know, you can use a whole directory structure (path) as image prefix?

Today this was required by a customer, to nest this path, e.g. as /apex/182/images/


The Oracle APEX Reverse Proxy Guide using NGINX

Just recently I talked about changing the /ords URL to something else, now I want to show another way to manipulate the URL.

I always disliked deploying multiple ORDS instances, just to provide different paths to the same DB. This happened out of legacy or SEO purposes so far.

Now let’s set up a simple reverse proxy to achieve any URL structure you want for your APEX server.

As reverse proxy server I chose to (more...)

Deploy ORDS on tomcat in a subdirectory

Usually ORDS is deployed on Tomcat simply as /ords, right?

What do you do, if you want a different name than ords, let’s say you would like to see “bruce” in the URL? Simple solution: just rename ords.war to bruce.war before deploying to Tomcat.

But what if you want to have “mod/plsql“, as in http://myserver.tld:8080/mod/plsql ?

There is a not so much known feature of tomcat coming to help: # (more...)

Why the Trim Spaces setting on APEX items is important

Oracle APEX offers a declarative setting for Text and Textarea items to “Trim Spaces”, which would remove leading/trailing spaces from the user input before saving the value to the database.

A good example why this is important can be seen in the Page Designer itself. In a customer project we recently stumbled over that. If you accidentally enter a blank into the CSS File URL section…

…you end up with a ressource not found error (more...)

Package API and View changes in Oracle APEX 18.2

A few days ago (Friday, of course) has been upgraded to APEX 18.2. As widely know, once is upgraded the general availability of such a release is very close.

For me it is a stable enough release, to have a look what changed in terms of packages and views.

And there wasn’t a lot that has bee changed, hence this will be a very short blogpost.


2 (more...)

APEX Static Files not served, ORDS returns 404 or why reading logfiles help

On a recent installation we had problems serving APEX static files (application and workspace), they would always report a 404 not found back from ORDS.

Of course I checked all required DB users and the ORDS config files, but couldn’t find anything obvious. Also no REST service defined in APEX would work.

By looking into the tomcat logfile I found a strange error:


with a whole Java Exception (more...)

Installing APEX Packaged Applications – the easy way !

When installing Oracle APEX you also get a wealth of additional resources to explore: Packaged Applications.


I’m sure everyone already looked at one or two of them. But honestly, it is a bit cumbersome to install them, when upgrading APEX version we often forget to re-install the packaged apps.

And so we waste a unique opportunity to learn from all those 30+ Packaged applications. Each of them has something to offer. This might be (more...)

Behind the scenes of an all APEX organized conference

Recently we held the very first edition of the “APEX Alpe Adria” conference in Graz, Austria (see this old post about how it started). This conference is meant for everyone in the Adriatic Region, and everyone willing to travel there.

With more than 180 attendees it was a huge success for the first edition. Today I want to share how we managed the conference, website, call for papers, selection, name tags, and so (more...)