Oracle X5-2, from bare metal to VM Server. Without disks, without dvd drive.

Oracle offers a fine machine called the X5-2. Not to be confused with the ODA X5-2, which comes with sophisticated database software. The X5-2 is just bare metal.

The X5-2 is a 1HE 2 socket Intel machine with limited configuration options in terms of processor speed, number of cores and storage.

I will show you how to install Oracle VM Server software without even having a dvd drive for the installation disk, nor a hard (more...)

Using guaranteed restore points to navigate through time

Some months ago I worked on a project where we thought it would be a good idea to use multiple guaranteed restore points to be able to navigate through time back and forth. Sadly we ran into some unexpected behaviour of the Fast Recovery Area.


This was basically a consolidation project. A rather complicated one: many tables had to be read from five other databases and its data needed to be inserted into the (more...)