Cloud Control Agent 12c managing many objects

An Oracle Enterprise Management Agent 12c that has to manage hundreds of objects needs extra tweaking. If not, it will not start, or it will die soon, leaving you with an unmanaged infrastructure.


The customer runs over 200 databases on 1 host. Intel bases host with 384GB RAM and over 4TB of storage. Linux OS. Works as a charm.
Enterprise Manager 12c Release 4, Agent Version

The databases should (more...)

Very first experience with oracle Cloud Service

Recently I found myself in the unique position of having access to the beta version of the Oracle Cloud to get a glimpse at the future as Oracle sees it.

This blog describes my personal experience and does not necessarily reflect Oracle’s point of view.  That said, the cooperation with and support from Oracle was more than adequate and much appreciated.


What did I get?

It all started with a link and some (more...)