ADF Logger – 2 (Java Logger Introduction – Log Message)

Hi All,

I hope you read my last post on java logger.This is second post which explain missing parts from post one. To just recap in first we were trying to understand very basic about logger. The point which we are trying to understand is.

1-"Why default logger logs message on console ? Even we did not set any handler in logger object."
2-"Why default logger only log INFO, WARNING and SEVERE ?"

For (more...)

ADF Logger – 1 (Java Logger Introduction )

Hi All,

This is the starting post of logger and i will start from java logger. The idea of this post is to explain end to end flow of logging. Please keep this in mind that this is very basic post and perhaps not be useful of advance user.

Before starting to write this post i did search on google , youtube and other websites but was not able to find any very straight forward (more...)