Where browser meet ADF : Running page only with f:view tag

Hi Everyone,

I am writing this post to start something different way to understand ADF.

As you all know ADF is mature ,strong and smart framework. It is build on java and java itself is very robust language.However in software industry there are always some thing extra to do.It is how software work.Innovation and development happen at the same time.Oracle Application development framework was evolving , now evolving and will evolve.


Using Java 8 Date (LocalDate/Time and DateAndTime ) API in jdeveloper 12.2.1

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It's being long time i did not post any thing on my blog. It's not because of i am busy it's because of i am lazy.As you all know that time never stop.It's keep progressing which make ll other thing to keep change as well.

So Jdeveloper also changed a lot. I used to work on Jdevloper Thereafter i moved to Jdeveloper 12.1.3 (Big move). (more...)

Understanding Af:table property.

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In this blog i would to show you / explain some basic but very vital property of AF:Table. Everyone use af:table to their day to day project which make af:table most usable component among ADF component.

it is not a simple component like outText or inputText , therefore it required time to understand. In this post i would like to show how table rendered and when it fetch data and what are the (more...)

Table backward compatibility in ADF

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Recently i came cross a use case where i need to add  a new column into a table which being already used in production and we need to support this new changes on both version of table schema.
However gradually we will get ride of old version of table. but for now we need to support both schema.
In my case it's only related to fetch operation ,so here i am going to (more...)

Active Data Service with ADF Table component

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I have already posted one post on active data service with adf table component and oracle coherence. But in this post will explain ADS without using oracle coherence.

As you all know that ADS is basically a push technology which send data from server to client without any user intervention . However client will send request periodically to server ask for update. Which further configure in adf-config.xml.

The transport has following favor

Save Point and Save Point Restore Activity Part1

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I did a sample POC which explained you what is use of save point restore activity in the task flow and also how to take snapshot of application and store into table base and later restore from back.

In developer guide following explanation is present about save (more...)

Guide for installing Glass Fish server ,integration with jdeveloper and security implementations


After making oracle ADF essential open source with limited  features now it time is integrating ADF essential  with glass fish server.

Although there are a lot of blog post on same topic by oracle and team.But here i am going to collect all into one document,put some more (more...)

Transfering File Using FTP Adapter

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FTP adapter is use for transfer the file from one local/remote system to another local/remote system with use of the any FTP server.Obviously FTP adapter is based on the FTP protocol and also it is based on the Java EE Connector Architecture (JCA) 1.5 (more...)

Bar Grpah-3 (Series Set and Alert Set)


Agenda:In this post  i would like to explain how we can programmatically create series set and alert set in bar and horizontal bar graph.

Explanation about Series Set and Series tag :

Tag is :<dvt:series> and <dvt:seriesSet>

<dvt:series> is for giving or changing information for single bar (more...)

Bar Graph -2


In my last post i have given example for creating model of bar graph by passing value in tabular data.In this post i will create the model of graph by using LocalXMLDataSource and GraphDataModel.Then pass the value in the value property of bar graph.

Explanation is following


Programmatically creation of Bar Graph In ADF

Hi ,

In this post i would to explain the some basic approach for creating and changing the property of the bar graph.

"A bar chart or bar graph is a chart with rectangular bars with lengths proportional to the values that they represent. The bars can be plotted vertically (more...)

Active Data Service With Active Image andActive Output text


In my last post i have explained about active data with bar graph component that was little bit tricky but for implementing active data service with active image and  active output text are easy to implements.

Implementation of Active Data Service with Active Image :

Step 1:Extends BaseActiveDataModel class (more...)

Active Data Serivce With Data Visualizations Graph Component (DVT)

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In this post i would like to show how dvt component will work with active data service.Since there is no example available on internet therefore might it will very useful for reader.

Use Case: Bar Graph integration with Active Data Service.

The Importance Step for implementing Active (more...)

Oracle Coherence with Active Data Service

Hi ,

Use Case :Need to show latest records into af:table with use of oracle coherence.

Class Description :

The following class which i used to achieve my requirement .

    This class used for providing the model data for af:table
    Extends ActiveCollectionModelDecorator 

   This class extends (more...)

Active Data Service (ADS)

Active Data Service :

As name imply active data service is used to show the latest data on UI.
The main example is stock market where the value of the share is always changing therefore provide this type of feasibility oracle has introduced a mechanize which is called Active Data Service.

 But before going to jump (more...)

Oracle Adf Became free (Open Source not fully )

Hi All,

I know this is making allot of buzz on internet today so that why i have also decided to make a post on the same.

You can get more information at following link


BTW Following part which they make open source


Exception Handling In Adf (Part 1.1)

Hi All,

Although in my  first Exception Handling post I have explained the exception handling approach in the model layer however here I also would like  to add some more approach in same model layer (binding layer).

We can handle Exception Handling in Model layer as following ways

1-For Single (more...)

Rearranging the column of af table in oracle adf

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Rearranging the column of  af table in oracle adf :

Use Case:
In one of my project we have to implemented the customization feature of the adf which we also known as MDS. Where  logged in user has option to rearrange the column's  of the af table .And (more...)

Declarative Component in Oracle ADF (To Generate the PDF/CSV/XML/HTML type of report) Part 2

Generating PDF/HTML/CSV/XML Report in ADF :

In my  last past i have explained how to generate report into PDF format.But that component is not able to generate report in HTML/CSV/XML.(Limitation )

Hence in this post i have tried to resolved all the problem which last version has. Using (more...)

Declarative Component in Oracle ADF (To Generate the PDF/CSV/XML type of report)

Declarative Component in Oracle ADF (To Generate the PDF/CSV/XML type of report) :

Since adf faces does not have any component which help us to download the report (s) in to following format .

or might be other different format .(In  case if (more...)