Navigation in Unbounded and Bounded Task Flow

Navigation/Control Flow Rule in Unbounded and Bounded Task Flow:

Preamble : In this post i would like to explain how to use navigation rule in faces-config.xml and control flow rule in  adfc-config.xml.
Navigation Rule /Control Flow Rule is use to transfer control from one view activity to another (more...)

Multiple Faces-Config.xml file

Multiple faces-config.xml  file in Single Application:

It is possible to have more than one faces-config.xml in any java EE  web application or fusion web application .

By default newly created  Fusion web application has following configuration file -

1-one web.xml  file (Deployment descriptor)
    Part of any (more...)

Disabling / Enabling all components of Panel Form Layout at single click

I have one business requirement where i need to make all the UI component of the form disable single click on the button.

Moreover panelFormLayout does not have any property call disable or readonly.

Although i know we can do this using bind each component on the backing and setting (more...)

Difference Between Render and Visible property of component in adf

Difference between Render and Visible property of component:

In this post i would  like to  explain difference between Render and Visible

Render property decide whether  this component need  to render on UI or not.Or whether this component added into tree model or not.

Moreover all ADF component will render (more...)

Multiple DataBinding.cpx files in ADF 11 g?

The Answer is yes .in 10 g it is not possible but in 11 g  it is possible. If any Application contains more than one data binding than entry should be added into adfm.xml
The following code is code of adfm.xml file.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>