The Me Too Cloud

| May 21, 2013

Why does everybody and their mother think they (more...)

Sterci processes financial messages 7x faster while lowering TCO

| May 16, 2013

Headquartered in Geneva, Sterci (more...)

Why IT Innovation? Why Now?

Every organization strives to innovate, not only because it drives growth, (more...)

Achieve Global Recognition for your Innovative use of Oracle Cloud Application Foundation Solutions

Are you using Oracle WebLogic Server, Coherence and/or Tuxedo in innovative (more...)

The Realities of Rehosting – Four Customer Stories, by Mark Rakhmilevich, Product Mgmt, Strategy Director Product Development

Mainframe customers have options.  Not (more...)

Developing and Deploying Services in Java on Tuxedo 12c is Easy and Straightforward by Todd Little, Oracle Tuxedo Chief Architect

| Apr 14, 2013

One of the 187 new features in Tuxedo 12c is the ability to (more...)

Improved Developer Experience and Productivity: The Power of Maven and WebLogic Server

| Apr 14, 2013

Are you using Maven to automate your builds? If so, Oracle (more...)

Thomson Reuters Oracle Customer Showcase, April 15-15, Eagan, MN

| Apr 11, 2013

Don’t miss this opportunity (more...)

Three New Features Improve Availability of Tuxedo Based Applications- by Todd Little

Tuxedo 12cR1 introduced several new features to help improve the availability of Tuxedo applications.  While Tuxedo is known for providing extremely high reliability, availability, scalability, and performance (RASP), there are always things Oracle can do to improve the availability of an application.  This post will cover three new (more...)

Cloud Application Foundation: What’s New?

This week’s Cloud Application Foundation (CAF) blogs—WebLogic, Coherence and Tuxedo—all talk about exciting (more...)

Virtualize and Run Your Forms Applications in the Cloud Webcast: Answers to Your Questions

The live webcast, Virtualize and Run Your Forms Applications in the Cloud, was a great success thanks to all of you who attended and participated.

And, for those of you who missed the live webcast, you can now view it On Demand. You’ll learn how you can modernize your Oracle (more...)

Cloud Application Foundation: Show me, don’t just tell me

| Mar 29, 2013

This week’s Cloud Application Foundation blogs—WebLogic, Coherence and Tuxedo—are about ‘show me’, not (more...)

Be Part of the Conversation: Plan to present at Oracle Open World or JavaOne 2013

| Mar 29, 2013

Have you ever attended conference sessions and thought, “Gee, I know (more...)

Hotelbeds Enhances its IT Infrastructure with Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Coherence

| Mar 28, 2013

Hotelbeds is an accommodation wholesaler that services over 50,000 hotels across (more...)

Oracle Tuxedo Mainframe Adapters Provide High Availability, Failover and Load Balancing- See the Demo

| Mar 28, 2013

Oracle Tuxedo Mainframe Adapters Provide High Availability, Failover and Load Balancing- See the Demo

Oracle Tuxedo Mainframe Adapters provides bi-directional, fully transactional access to and from mainframe CICS, IMS and batch applications. Oracle Tuxedo applications can invoke CICS, IMS & Batch apps running on mainframes and vice-versa.

CRM can support (more...)

What to Expect from Maven on Oracle WebLogic

| Mar 25, 2013

Many of today's WebLogic shops are already using Maven. To make sure users can take advantage of all of Maven's capabilities, Oracle is constantly iterating on Maven support in WebLogic Server.

Please Join us this Thursday, March 28, at 10 am PT/1 pm PT, to see how Oracle WebLogic and (more...)

Are you an Oracle Forms Customer? Consider running on WebLogic Server to take advantage of Brand New and Advanced Capabilities

| Mar 25, 2013

Of course, you can still run custom applications on Oracle Application Server…but (more...)

Take Advantage of Powerful Cloud Application Foundation (CAF) Capabilities

| Mar 22, 2013

This week’s blogs focus on how you can take advantage of advanced capabilities offered by Cloud Application Foundation solutions for ease of integration, increased efficiency, reduced cost, and improved time to market.

The WebLogic blog provides Oracle Forms customers with information about how to get more value from their current (more...)

Application Service Version- Oracle Tuxedo 12c

| Mar 19, 2013

The application service version feature provides a configuration-driven approach to deploy different versions of Tuxedo application services in a domain or across domains without changing the existing application. With application service version feature, you can logically partition Tuxedo applications into different virtual application domains, machines, and server groups to respond (more...)

Cloud Application Foundation—Ease of Use

| Mar 14, 2013

The theme this week is ease of use. Cloud Application Foundation offerings are designed with ease of integration and ease of use in mind.

The WebLogic Server blog talks about why you should consider upgrading to WebLogic Server 12 c (WLS) and how easy it is to upgrade. Thousands of customers have already upgraded to WLS 12 c so the upgrade path is tested and well understood. In addition, Oracle provides powerful documentation and upgrade assistant tooling including WebLogic Smart Upgrade, Upgrade Assistant and JDeveloper Migrators. Check out the brief description below and, for more information, visit the WebLogic blog (more...)