Solaris Cluster Session In Pune

| May 17, 2013
Just this evening, concluded another OU program on Solaris Cluster in Pune.

Pillar Axiom SAN Storage Training in Dubai

| Apr 28, 2013
Here's another set of friends I made, who dropped by for a training on Pillar Axiom in Dubai. Many thanks to them for choosing an ou program on the same and more so for helping me capture the below moment:

Like I mentioned earlier, if you're already a specialist in (more...)

MySQL Cluster In a Box Using Solaris 11 Zones

| Apr 14, 2013

Solaris Cluster Training in Noida

| Apr 14, 2013
After a rather long gap, I got a chance again to take platform for delivering one of my favourite training programs around Solaris Cluster. Meet my new friends:

For a detailed list of training programs around Solaris Cluster, click here. Go here to get details around certification program around Solaris (more...)

MySQL Cluster & MySQL HA Session in Kuala Lumpur

| Apr 13, 2013
Class photograph from MySQL Cluster session in Kuala Lumpur.

Talking of another High Availability facility in MySQL named Replication, I invite you to read an interesting blog post on self healing recovery in MySQL 5.6 Replication here. For a detailed list of courses on MySQL database access this url.

Oracle Key Manager Training in Australia

| Apr 13, 2013
Somewhere in Australia I conducted a three day session on OKM, an encryption product. So it comes as no surprise that the batch photograph published below is encrypted for security reason ;)

Learn about Oracle Key Manager and use it to obtain the AES 256 key to decrypt the photo below:


Solaris 11 Advanced Administration Session at Hyderabad

| Mar 22, 2013
Just yesterday, one more training program on Oracle Solaris 11 concluded at Hyderabad, India. If you haven't tried Solaris 11 yet, click here to access the image and a host of other resources to help you get started. For information on training on Solaris 11, please see here. If you've (more...)

Oracle Solaris 10 1/13

| Mar 10, 2013
Solaris 10 1/13 is released. Details are here. Read Glynn Foster's blog post about the same here.

MySQL HA and MySQL Cluster Sessions

| Mar 10, 2013
Completed an OU program on MySQL Cluster and MySQL HA at Penang, Malaysia last week.

To know more on MySQL Cluster, visit the official webpage here. To know more about the MySQL Cluster Certification program,go here.