Getting Started with Coexistence and Integration with Fusion Applications


In the past integrating enterprise business applications has been inflexible, complex, and costly, and because of this Fusion Applications was carefully designed to ensure this challenge didn’t persist. Through the adoption of new tools, technologies, and best practice techniques, Fusion Applications offers integration methods that do not require proprietary (more...)

Debugging Series: Using Selective Tracing in Oracle Fusion Applications


From Release 5 onwards Oracle Fusion Applications comes with a new feature to help debug problems, known as Selective Tracing. This tool is actually part of Fusion Middleware and quite simply allows the administrator to generate detailed logs for every underlying activity spawned for one user, for a specific (more...)

OpenWorld Call For Papers: What Do You Want To See?

We, the Developer Relations team, aim to focus on the needs of real developers working with the Fusion Applications platform, so we’d like to hear what kinds of topics you might find useful in an OpenWorld 2013 session. Using this input we can create the content that really helps you. (more...)

Debugging Series: Working With Oracle Support


With my background in Oracle Support, this channel represented a way for me to share some recommendations, tips, and tricks on getting solutions fast. As such it fits into our Debugging Series of posts, helping you troubleshoot problems in Fusion Applications extensions, customizations, and integrations.

Using the content here (more...)

Debugging Series: Fusion Applications Incidents

When the incident is created the end user sees only a generic error dialog that gives them the incident number and server details. This protects them from confusing error messages and gives them something they can use to follow up with their helpdesk.

Figure 1 – What the end user (more...)

Debugging Series: Fusion Applications Logging

Fusion Applications Logging

All Fusion Applications products implement the Oracle standard framework for logging, known as Oracle Diagnostic Logging (ODL). This incorporates using a set of underlying logging API’s and runtime libraries as well as adhering to specific format.

The output of Fusion Applications logs include the core ODL data (more...)

Tailor, Customize, Extend, Personalize, Localize, and Integrate – All Explained

To improve the management and support of solutions developed on top of the Fusion Applications platform we have found it sensible to use some upfront definitions, especially as it’s common to have many stakeholders involved in such projects. So here are our recommended definitions:

  • Tailoring was defined by the Oracle Applications User Experience team as a parent term under which all the different types of modifications occur. This is logical and the Fusion Applications Developer Relations will use the same umbrella term.
  • Customizing was traditionally based on making changes to the standard code artifacts. In Fusion Applications however many of (more...)