The Six Laws of Customer Experience (Video)

This video (from Bruce Temkin - Customer Experience Matters) explains The Six Laws of Customer Experience. By understanding these fundamental truths about how people and organizations behave, companies can make smarter decisions about what they do, and how they do it.

Customers CX Newsletter – October 2014 release

It’s out! New, in-depth, Oracle Customer Experience newsletter for customers has just been published.  It’s stacked with press releases, product news, events, partner info, infographics, research, and loads more!  Get it now

11 Ways to Wreck Your Social Relationships

Social media marketing is all about building authentic relationships. It involves many of the things human relationships live and die by; knowing the person, trust, altruism, patience, etc. So it follows naturally the opposite traits would lead to relationship failure; narcissism, mistrust, selfishness and the like.

When you look at how some brands treat their fans, followers and customers on social, it kind of makes you wonder what their real world human relationships are like. (more...)