Create your Selenium test reports with Ant

In the previous blog post I described how to JUnit test your Selenium tests. Once you have this set up, you can use Ant to run this tests and create a report about the results.

Since there are standard targets for JUnit and JUnitReport in Ant, the Ant file is (more...)

JUnit test your application with Selenium

We want to test our ADF application with Selenium. To get this working, we use the Selenium IDE (Firefox plugin) to record a session. You can export this recorded session to different formats, since we are mainly Java/ADF developers at our project, we choose to export to Java.

Because we (more...)

Use Coherence cache with WebCenter Portal

On our last WebCenter Portal project, we didn't configure Coherence as our caching mechanism, but we used the default caching mechanism for the content presenter. During the development phase, we didn't really have any problems, until we started with a load & stress test on our application.

During the load (more...)

Drag your panes outside JDeveloper in 12c

One of the first things I noticed about 12c is the movement of the panes from the view menu to the window menu. I sometimes get a bit too aggressive in closing a lot of the little panes. When I want to get them back later, I just use the (more...)

Look into your JVM with VisualVM

If you want some more information about your JVM, for example your integrated WLS. There is a very easy tool to use, it’s called VisualVM. You can download it from Extract the .zip file and run the \bin\visualvm.exe.

Once the application is started, on the left (more...)

Don’t persist UIComponent state, now with attributes!

In this blogpost I showed how to disable the persistence of a UIComponent, but it was needed to write Java code to check for the specific component and change. In this blog entry I will show a more generic way to do this, with the attribute tag.

On the showDetailItem (more...)

Support for multiple session timeouts

Our use case was that we needed to support different timeouts for different application roles. This because our internal users are using the same application as our external users. There is no default support for this behavior in ADF, but you can achieve this by using a PagePhaseListener.

In our (more...)

Don’t persist UIComponent state in the session

Our use case was as followed: In our WebCenter Portal application we have a tableform layout, with a panelAccordion on the form layout. For other functionality we needed MDS persistence to be on, so we couldn’t disable MDS customizations. A side effect was that the panelAccordion remembered the showDetailItem that (more...)

Full screen mode with panelSplitters

We had a use case in which the input form needed to have a full screen button. This is accomplished with the help of panelSplitters and javascript. In this example I’ll show how you can create a button that will execute javascript to render the input form in full screen. (more...)

Fancy inputsliders through declarative component

In one of our portals the user can use inputsliders to select different values. We made a fancy inputslider that shows not only a label, but also the minimum value and the maximum value allowed.
Next to the slider we have an inputText where the user can decide to type (more...)