Don’t persist UIComponent state in the session

Our use case was as followed: In our WebCenter Portal application we have a tableform layout, with a panelAccordion on the form layout. For other functionality we needed MDS persistence to be on, so we couldn’t disable MDS customizations. A side effect was that the panelAccordion remembered the showDetailItem that (more...)

Full screen mode with panelSplitters

We had a use case in which the input form needed to have a full screen button. This is accomplished with the help of panelSplitters and javascript. In this example I’ll show how you can create a button that will execute javascript to render the input form in full screen. (more...)

Fancy inputsliders through declarative component

In one of our portals the user can use inputsliders to select different values. We made a fancy inputslider that shows not only a label, but also the minimum value and the maximum value allowed.
Next to the slider we have an inputText where the user can decide to type (more...)

Get your version number from WebLogic

If you want to show the version of your application (for example in your template), you can get this from WebLogic in a bean. If you use the to set the Weblogic-Application-Version property, you can get this number with the help of the ApplicationVersionUtils. It’s in the package (more...)

Scope your breakpoints!

For something so simple, a breakpoint, this feature gave me a lot of headaches over the years. One off the things I find most frustrating is when I set a breakpoint in my source code and the debugger doesn’t stop on it. Recently a co-worker pointed out some great feature (more...)

Display the correct symbol in front of your currency

When you build an application, often you need to display some sort of currency. It can be tricky to get the correct currency symbol. If the configuration is not correct, a strange image that looks like a circle with 4 legs can be shown by your application:

For some reason, (more...)

Use DVT in an ADF Table

The use case here is based on the priority from a task. The requirement was not to show the priority as number, but with a color. It was surprisingly easy to accomplish this in ADF with DVT.

To illustrate I use a read only VO to show the priority:

Create the IdcContext based on an application resource connection

In the previous post I showed how to use get_file with the RIDC protocol. You create an IdcClient & IdcContext and use this to set up the connection. However, it is also possible to use the application resource connection for this.

First set up the connection in JDeveloper:

This will (more...)