History of AMIS Blog design, Congratulations AMIS

It is July 2014 and the AMIS Blog celebrates it’s 10th anniversary. While diving in the history of the AMIS Blog it is very interesting (amusing and somewhat shocking) to see were we came from. Using the Internet Archive (https://archive.org) I made some screenshots of the AMIS blog depicting the different styles. We made 3 major steps in the design of the blog. Please join me for this trip through memory lane….

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Congratulations to AMIS, 10 years of blogging

10 year anniversary AMIS Technology blog – Congratulations from around the world

“ The AMIS Technology Blog continues to impress me as a platform to turn to for sources of innovation and inspiration.
If you want to see where enterprise-grade software technology is going, what direction to point your technology career for the future, and learn some impressive capabilities are of Fusion Middleware – read this blog. “

Misha Vaughan
Oracle, Director, Communications & Outreach, (more...)

Knowledge is power, sharing knowledge is powerful

Information sharing stimulates innovation and technical excellence

Almost 8 years ago I joined AMIS. Before this I worked with a lot of Open Source projects and companies. The key to a good Open Source project is sharing information. In my vision the AMIS Technology Blog is an excellent form of the open source way of sharing information. In 2004 we were the first company within the Oracle knowledge domain to actively and openly share all our (more...)