How to embed auto play a YouTube video in a PowerPoint presentation

For everyone who wants to auto play YouTube video’s in their PowerPoint Presentations. I was able to insert the video in my PowerPoint but I was not able to do it as an auto play. So during th presentation I had to find the mouse button and play the video I found the solution and it was quite easy. I created a short manual since this took me about 2 hours finding a solution for this. (more...)

Database security for MySQL – MySQL Database Firewall

Looking at breaches in information systems and Cyber Crime the focus of the perpetrators is always aimed at our data. The goal is to copy, modify or even destroy the core of our business.  Data protection serious business and you need to take serious measures to prevent unauthorized access.

Almost half of all organizations experience data breach in the past year. And a lot of these breaches originated from within the companies network. (the exact numbers vary (more...)