No Write Permission on ACFS Mount Point

Last night, I managed to create the ACFS Mount Point after resolving the issue "ACFS-9459: ASVM/ACFS is not supported on this os version". But, after creating the ACFS Mount Point, I'm unable to create or touch any files under this ACFS Mount Point.

Though, I tried to touch a file to create files under this ACFS Mount Point using OS User Oracle and Root, it's failing with the following error:

"touch: cannot touch `x': (more...)

ACFS-9459: ASVM/ACFS is not supported on this os version

After installing the Grid Infrastructure (GI) home on two Node RAC 11gR2 ( on Linux 6.5 servers, I tried to create the ACFS filesystem using ASMCA tool to have Oracle (RDBMS) Home. But, the option tabs "Volumes" and "ASM Cluster File Systems" in ASMCA toll were disabled, due to this we were unable to create volume and cluster filesystem and got the following error:

"ACFS-9459: ASVM/ACFS is not supported on this (more...)

Oracle made a few changes in Oracle 11g OCM Exam Environment and Exam Topics

Exam Environment

Current Environment
(Till 12th May 2013)
New Release Environment
(From 13th May 2013 onwards)
Oracle Linux Release 5.4 (64-bit)
Oracle Linux Release 5.4 (32-bit)
Oracle Database Enterprise Edition Release (64-bit)
Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release (32-bit)
Oracle Enterprise Management Grid Control 10g version (64-bit) with repository database
Oracle Enterprise Manager (more...)

"Warning: You are no longer connected to ORACLE" while converting database using DGMGRL.

As part of my OCM Exam preparation while practicing the Data Guard scenarios such as converting the database from physical standby to snapshot standby and from snapshot standby to physical standby using Data Guard Broker, the following warning messages were generated:

Unable to connect to database
ORA-12514: TNS:listener does not currently know of service requested in connect descriptor

Warning: You are no longer connected to ORACLE.

Please complete the following steps and reissue the CONVERT command:

It’s been quite a long time !

Dear Blog Viewers,

It’s been quite a long time that I had updated my blog. I could say, it’s been almost over two years that I haven’t updated my blog. Surely, this has made upset to my regular blog viewers.

Well, there were various reasons why I didn't update my blog.

To fill the huge gap occurred in updating the blog; I have now decided to update my blog with new concepts/my experience/views about Oracle DBA at (more...)

My Interview Published in the Peer-To-Peer Column of Oracle Magazine


This is to share with you all that Oracle Published my interview in the
peer-topeer column of Oracle Magazine (March - April 2010 Edition).

Sabdar Syed.

How we faster the process of converting a non-ASM single-instance database to RAC database with ASM using RCONFIG tool?

I have been given with a challenging task to convert one of our critical production databases, which is of 1 TB (Terabyte) in size, to Oracle 10g RAC with ASM storage option. Even though, there are many methods and tools available to perform this activity, I have preferred to use the RCONFIG tool.

We prepared an input XML file required for RCONFIG tool, and run the RCONFIG utility as follows:

$ cd /oracle/ora102/db_1/assistants/rconfig/sampleXMLs
$ rconfig (more...)

Sand Storm in Saudi Arabia…Today.


Today, there was a huge sand storm in Saudi Arabia. This is the first time I have seen such real and live sand storm covering the Riyadh City in Saudi Arabia.

Here are few pics shared in this blog.

Sabdar Syed.

ORA-27123: unable to attach to shared memory segment


Of late, in one of our test unix (Sun Solaris) boxes, a database user is trying to connect to the database, but getting an error ORA-27123: unable to attach to shared memory segment” with permission denied issue.

Initially we thought that there might be an issue with SGA memory area or may be an issue with the shared memory segments and semaphores for the instance allocated. But later we found that the (more...)

How important is having Unix/Linux OS Knowledge for Oracle DBAs?


I wanna wish you all a very Happy New Year 2009 before being discussed on “How Important Having UNIX OS Knowledge for Oracle DBA?”

The main reason for discussing this topic is to encourage the novice or junior DBAs to have command on Unix/Linux Operating System as part of Database Administration. Because, when they were asked how comfortable they are working as DBA on Unix/Linux environment, then their responses are as following.

“They (more...)

I’m an Oracle ACE Award Winner now !

Dear All,

I’m pleased to inform you all that I have received an email from Oracle ACE Program Committee that I have been nominated for the prominent Oracle ACE Award. I’m honored to be the second person working in the Saudi Arabia to be an Oracle ACE.

Hope you are curious to know who the first person is working in the Saudi Arabia to be an Oracle ACE. Well, he is none other than my (more...)

Download Free Oracle Certification Dumps Here!!

This blog post is for them; those who are desperately looking for free Oracle Certification dumps.

Well, you might be surprised to see the message of the post is irrelevant to the subject. All my intension is to bring your attention towards How bad it is? Cheating the Oracle Certifications by simply reading the exam dumps”.

Mr. Paul Sorensen, Director of Oracle Certification, and other certification team members have launched the Oracle Certification (more...)

Should I go for Oracle 10g OCA/OCP or 11g OCA/OCP Certification?

Hello All,

Choosing whether to go for Oracle 10g OCA/OCP or 11g OCA/OCP Certification is becoming complex to the Novice or Newbie DBAs. And also, I have seen a couple of posts asking such similar certification doubts more frequently in the OTN Forums, when they are not really sure or confused.

Well, this is ever been told by everyone that going for latest version certification is good and ideal. But, what I advise is, first (more...)

Celebrating Second Year Anniversary of the Blog Launch

Dear My Blog Readers,

It's been two years that I have lanuched and updated my blog by today. The blog originally started on 12-Dec-2006.

During the last year, I wrote and published good articles. I would like to thank all of my blog viewrs who made my blog popular by reading the interesting posts in m blog.

I hope, I would write more and more good articles which my blog viwers definitely like them and (more...)

Oracle Approved Training Centers and Certification Test Sites & Address – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Hello All,

Here is the list of Oracle University Approved Educational Training Partners/Centers, and the certification test taking sites in Saudi Arabia.

Oracle University Approved Education Partners - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

New Horizons Jeddah - Oracle Approved Education Center

P.O. Box : 52171
Telephone : 026642277
Fax : 026642454
Address : Al Rawda St, Jeddah ,KSA

New Horizons Khobar - Oracle Approved Education Center

P.O. Box : 2060
Telephone : 038588882
Fax (more...)

How to find the particular Data Dictionary Table or Dynamic Performance View (V$)?

Dear Blog Readers,

Even though we use some of the important Data Dictionary Tables and Dynamic Performance (V$) views regularly, sometimes we fall short to recall a particular view, i.e. It’s not easy to remember all the dictionary views.

And also, many times, it’s been asked by novice in the OTN Forums that

What is the view to find the information about data files, tablespaces, etc.,?

What are the list of Data Dictionary (more...)

Received the Certification Kit of Oracle 10g RAC Expert Exam.

Dear Friends,

After a long wait, I have received the Oracle 10g RAC Expert Certification Kit in my hands today, as I have already taken this exam (1Z0-048) in the month of August-2008. More or less it took more than three months to reach in my hands.

Best of luck everyone who is preparing for the Oracle 10g RAC Expert Exam – 1Z0-048.

Check my other blog post on “How to prepare for 1Z0-048 - (more...)

How to Get/Gain Real Time Experience/Exposure as a DBA!

Dear Blog Readers,

Every now and then I do receive e-mails from the novice DBAs saying that:

“We could not perform well at the interview, as the questions were too technically based on real time requirements”

“Due to not having real time experience, we failed at the interview to explain the steps/approach to resolve the issue asked”

…… and so on

When I asked them how they prepare and practice the DBA Activities, their response (more...)

Oracle Metalink Notes for Oracle Apps DBAs.

Dear Friends,

Here are the list of Oracle Metalink Notes, I do refer regularly. Moreover, these are very informative. So, I thought of sharing those note ids here with you.

Note: You have to have an account in Oracle Metalink to access notes.


Note: 452120.1 - How to locate the log files and troubleshoot RapidWiz for R12
Note: 329985.1 - How to locate the Rapid Wizard Installation log files for Oracle Applications (more...)

My Blog Feedback Page

Dear Blog Readers,

I wanted to have a feedback page as a post in my blog where my blog viewers can post their valuable comments and suggestion about my blog and articles.

In order to serve you better with required information in my blog, please leave your comments/suggestions/doubts/questions/requirements/ etc.

Link for comments here - Feedback Page !

Please check the comments submitted in the comments item below.

Thanks & Regards,
Sabdar Syed.