R12.2 :Modulus Check Validations for Bank Accounts

The existing bank account number validations for domestic banks only check the length of the bank account number. These validations are performed during the entry and update of bank accounts.With R12.2 the account number validations for United Kingdom are enhanced to include a modulus check alongside the length checks. Modulus checking is the process of [...]

Revert R12.1.3 Homepage Layout to Link Style as in R12.1.1 or 11i

If you are using R12.1.2 , user may report some difficulty with Homepage responsblity , therefore they prefer similar to 11i or R12.1 In release 12.1.2 the E-Business Suite homepage has been re-designed using the configurable pages infrastructure. This is new Enhancement which allows customers to work with a WYSIWYG model of configuration. This allows [...]

R12.2 : Transforming EBS Financials with Fusion Accounting Hub

In R12.2 , there is one important enhancement which transform EBS Financials with Fusion Accounting Hub. The Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub provides integration for the Oracle General Ledger . This new enhamcement in term of integration provides you with the opportunity to leverage the Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub with minimal implementation effort and without disruption [...]

Payment Acknowledgement Import : R12.2 out-of-box Feature

Payment acknowledgement processing is widely used in various countries in US and EMEA region where Bank provide the acknowledgement/Confirmation. If you have some customization in existing EBS , and planning to use R12.2 in near term, you can take advantage of out-of-box feature . This new functionality that has been added to Oracle Payments that [...]

Receivables Merge Distributions Feature

If you are not using these ACcounting method, then you can use Merged Distributions feature in AR. Cash Basis accounting , that mean accounting is created only at the time of receipt of cash.[ Release 12 seeds Subledger accounting methods: Encumbrance Cash and Standard Cash] Multi-Fund Accounts Receivable accounting , that means where receivable accounting [...]