Practical Enterprise Data Lake Insights made it to the Best New Big Data Books

Practical Enterprise Data Lake Insights made it to the Best New Big Data Books I’m happy to announce that my book, “Practical Enterprise Data Lake Insights: Handle Data-Driven Challenges in an Enterprise Big Data Lake”, made it to BookAuthority’s Best New Big Data Books: BookAuthority collects and ranks the best books in the world, and … Continue reading "Practical Enterprise Data Lake Insights made it to the Best New Big Data Books"

Data Lake Ingestion strategies

Numbers don’t lie. They empower you to be smart and stay decisive. Recently, I stumbled upon the bookmetrix portal that publishes by-chapter metrics of a book. Metrics are straight enough to discover book’s most loved chapters. Although the numbers were not skewed by high margin, I realized the fact that “Data Lake Ingestion Strategies” has … Continue reading "Data Lake Ingestion strategies"


Hey All, Faced some really proud moments last week. I was one of the only 100 winners of NEXT100 CIO 2018 award. NEXT100 is an annual awards program instituted by IT Next magazine and the 9.9 Group that aims to identify 100 experienced IT managers who have the skills, talent and spirit to become CIOs. The … Continue reading "ITNEXT NEXT100 CIO – 2018"

Design considerations to replicate Data Lake site for Availability

Why replicate a data lake? Building an enterprise data lake demands heavy weightlifting in terms of cost, planning, technical design, architecture, and operational excellence. Building another infrastructure as a standby will shoot up both capex and opex. Therefore, before proceeding to the planning phase, one must have a strong justification and clear objective behind setting … Continue reading "Design considerations to replicate Data Lake site for Availability"

Achieve Data Democracy with effective Data Integration

For straight fourth year, I was pleased to be the part of AIOUG ODevCYatra as a speaker. This year, AIOUG re-branded the ages old OTNYathra as ODevCYatra to align its focus to the fatty developer community. The thought and execution remained the same though – 7 cities, 35 speakers, and a very tight schedule. I … Continue reading "Achieve Data Democracy with effective Data Integration"

What to expect from your Data Lake

Big Data IT is driven by competition. Organizations want to exploit the power of data analytics at a manageable cost to stand out of their competitors. Data lake provides scalable framework to store massive volumes of data and churn out analytical insights that can help them in effective decision making and grow new markets. It … Continue reading "What to expect from your Data Lake"

#Apress “Practical Enterprise Data Lake Insights” – Published!

Hello All, Gives me immense pleasure to announce the release of our book “Practical Enterprise Data Lake Insights” with Apress. The book takes an end-to-end solution approach in a data lake environment that includes data capture, processing, security, and availability. Credits to the co-author of the book, Venkata Giri and technical reviewer, Sai Sundar. The … Continue reading

Harness the Power of Data in a Big Data Lake

Last year November, I got the opportunity to present at AIOUG Sangam, 2017. My session was titled as “Harness the Power of Data in a Big Data Lake”. The abstract is as below – Data lake is relatively a new term when compared to all fancy ones since the industry realized the potential of data. … Continue reading

My session at #AIOUG #Sangam16 – Transition from Oracle DBA to Big Data Architect

Big thanks to all those who turned up for my early morning session on Saturday Nov 12th, 2016. I know it was a tough call after a week’s work but thanks for making the right decision. A full-house is an extreme delight for a speaker. You can download the session deck either from the Sangam … Continue reading

Query materialized view refresh timestamp

Unlike my lengthy posts, this is really a quick one. Alright, so how do you get to know when your materialized view got refreshed? Well, no biggies. There are bunch of dictionary views who capture refresh date but none of them give you timestamp. For fast refresh, you can work with SCN or timestamp based MView … Continue reading