Exadata X6-2 Launched

5th April 2016, Oracle announced arrival of Exadata X6-2. Overview of all its capabilities can be found HERE. Check DataSheet for list of hardware components and capacity of each X6-2 rack. Sometimes, Oracle changes hardware specifications for its racks e.g X5-2 was released with 4TB HDD initially, but after few months the datasheet was modified and…

Planning Database Hardware Upgrade !!! Consider Oracle Exadata

Upgrading database hardware in an organization is always a cumbersome process. The most time consuming step is, planing for the upgrade, which mainly includes choosing right hardware for your Oracle databases. After deciding on the hardware type for your databases, rest will be taken care by technical teams involved. I will be discussing, how I…

Lost your Oracle Prometric-ID !!!

Original Post can be viewed at Lost your Oracle Prometric-ID !!!

If you are creating your Pearson VUE  account and you have already passed some Oracle certifications earlier, you need to put your old Prometric id so that your old certifications at Prometric get merged automatically with the new Pearson account. But, if you forgot your old Prometric id, as happened to me, you can probably get it [...]

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