Public speaking tips by Tim Hall

If somehow you haven't seen them, go check out Tim Hall's recent series on public speaking tips.

I think he's finally finished, and I've been able to nod my head in agreement with many things he's said. I also learned a few things, for instance when reading thoughts on international speaking - something I haven't done yet (but look forward to).

Even if you never plan on speaking at a conference or anything remotely similar (more...)

New OTN forum features

It seems more new features are coming to the Oracle forums

Further discussion regarding the syntax highlighter here

As syntax highlighting is a fundamental part of forums, the recent upgrade took it in the wrong direction and they are looking to rectify it - but engaging users on it's specifications.

Feel free to contribute to the discussions, it will make the world a better place :-)

2013 Blog Review

Just like every other tom, dick & harry on the internet, I thought I'd look back at the year that was.
Keep an eye out for interesting tangential and useful links.

A vague attempt at humour

Readership continues to grow. Rapidly. From my first full year (2010) with 5k visits, I'm now at 50k visits & 69k page views for 2013, averaging 70 posts per year - cool stuff!

I've been impressed with the growth (more...)

PhoneGap 3 ebook winners

Late last year Packt Publishing offered 3 e-books to help promote Giorgio's revised edition of PhoneGap 3. People who commented or tweeted the blog post received entries to win.

While I prepared some SQL to randomise selection of winners, I didn't get a chance to arrange the job to be (more...)

Small SQL puzzle – discrete top 3

Being the APEX geek I am I've created a page that lists all the entrants so far to the Packt Publishing Phonegap ebook giveway

Check it out here

I'll post more about how I've extrapolated records from derived column values, but I am looking for suggestions (more...)

Win a free ebook of PhoneGap 3 by Packt

PhoneGap 3 Beginner's Guide
Packt publishing have generously given me the opportunity to give away 3 copies of their e-book PhoneGap 3 Beginner's Guide, by Giorgio Natili.

Details on how to enter are further below.

You don't think you need to be an APEX developer to appreciate this book, (more...)