FS_CLONE Phase – R12.2 Online Patching Cycle


  • It is a stand-alone command used for file system cloning.
  • Standard cloning (using adcfgclone.pl) cannot be used to synchronize the run and patch file systems.
  • This special phase must be run from the run file system, and cannot be specified with any other phase.
  • It should be (more...)

Abort Phase – R12.2 Online Patching Cycle

Abort Phase

If for some reason either the prepare or apply phase failed or gave problems, you can abort the patching cycle.
After running abort, you must always run a full cleanup 
adop phase=cleanup cleanup_mode=full
This will remove any columns that were added by the patch but are no longer (more...)

Cleanup Phase – R12.2 Online Patching Cycle

Cleanup Phase

Drops now-redundant columns and other objects which are not required after the cutover phase.
It is important that we do not omit the cleanup phase.
This step can be done after instance is released to Customer
The following actions are performed during cleanup:

Cutover Phase Scenario – R12.2 Online Patching Cycle


You have been asked to apply a patch and you completed the prepare phase and apply phase. Now customer has given a downtime for the cutover. You have run the finalize phase and the instance is ready for cutover.

  • How do we do it?
  • Pre-Health Check
  • Blackout
  • Cutover
  •   (more...)

Cutover Phase – R12.2 Online Patching Cycle

Cutover Phase

Performs the actions needed to make the former patch edition the new run edition, and the former run edition the new patch edition.
Cutover also prepares the environment for users.
This is the only phase that involves a (brief) period of downtime.

Cutover Phase Sequence
  1. Finalize
  2. Application Tier (more...)