Simpler Partial Page Refresh (PPR) with Dependent Fields

This entry might seem a bit trivial, but from experience I know that sometime new features that are added to the product are not detected by developers who just continue working in the "traditional way". Well here is a quick update on such a feature - PPR:

Way back in (more...)

ADF Mobile Logging on Android

I posted before on how to do code level debugging in your ADF Mobile application, but sometimes debugging is an overhead and you would rather just put out some log messages that will allow you to track what's going on where.

ADF Mobile has built in support for a logging (more...)

Simpler Development with the new List ADF Faces component in

A new component that showed up in the JDeveloper release is the af:listView component. This component will become more and more popular as more people target tablet devices with ADF Faces UI. The component allows you to create a scrollable list from a collection of data, (more...)

Improved Dial Gauge in Oracle ADF Mobile

The dial gauge is a very visual way to show data in an application - and it has been there in Oracle ADF Mobile since 11.1.2. However in that release you could only use a range of 0-100 - well now you can do better with the new (more...)

How to solve “Failed to locate the Google Cloud Messaging” in ADF Mobile deployment

If you are trying to deploy to an Android device with the new Oracle ADF Mobile release there is a good chance that you'll run into a situation where your deployment will fail with the message -

Failed to locate the Google Cloud Messaging for Android (more...)

Working with the Sunburst ADF Component

JDeveloper just hit the streets and among the new features it contains are several new data visualization ADF Faces components including timeline, treemap, and sunburst.

I got to play with the sunburst component a while back while building some internal demos - so I thought I'll (more...)

Oracle JDeveloper Is Out

We are happy to announce the availability of Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADF

This version is aligned with the rest of the component of Oracle Fusion Middleware

The version has several bug fixes, but also contains some new features that (more...)

Oracle ADF at Collaborate 13

If you are attending Collaborate 13 - the biggest Oracle User Groups conference in North America - you'll get a chance to see a lot of ADF content this year.

Here is a partial list of the ADF related sessions you might want to attend:

Sun. Apr. 7
1:15 pm (more...)