Storage Volumes and File System Layout in Oracle Cloud

This section provides information about the storage volumes and file system layout of a newly created database deployment on Oracle Database Cloud Service.

Compute Cloud Service Storage Volumes

When a Database Cloud Service deployment is created using the Oracle Database Cloud Service service level, the following storage volumes are created.

Storage Volume Description
bits 60 GB volume completely allocated to /u01 on the virtual machine.
boot 32 GB volume allocated to the following file system mounts on the virtual machine:

Explain usage of different users in Oracle Cloud

This article provides information about Linux user accounts that are provisioned on Oracle Database Cloud Service.

Every Database Cloud Service compute node is provisioned with the following operating system user accounts. Both compute nodes are provisioned with the following operating system user accounts.

  1. opc: The system administrator account you use with the sudo command to perform operations that require root-user access.
  2. oracle: The Oracle Database administrator account you use to access the system and perform non-root (more...)