Oracle Database 18c New Features Book

Written by Oracle Certified Master Skant Gupta and Oracle Certified Master & Oracle ACED Joel Pérez describes the myriad new and enhanced capabilities available in the latest Oracle Database release. This book is meticulously planned for the audience keen to learn all about the amazing new features being offered by Oracle Database 18c. You must have some prior experience of working with Oracle 12c to leverage the complete benefit from this publication.

Key Features –

ORA-00600 [qosdExpStatRead: expcnt mismatch]

Recently started seeing this error on few of the Exadata environments.

ORA00600: internal error code, arguments:[qosdExpStatRead: expcnt mismatch]


This is due to sys.exp_obj$. EXP_CNT mismatch rows of sys.exp_stat$

Following SQL is used to check issue data of some objects. if there are some rows return, that means data issue.
With b as (
select count(*) cnt,objn,snapshot_id from sys.exp_stat$ es group by objn,snapshot_id)
select * (more...)