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| May 2, 2020

I read an interesting article from Michael Schulze, Optiz Consulting in the actual „Red Stack Magazin / April 2020“, about Tools for the daily Exadata maintenance but it is not so easy as described.

Since some time ago AHF (Autonomous Health Framework) is the tool for checks of any kind on the Exadata.

I have installed and used here Version 19.3 which is an old one. I will update in a few weeks the (more...)

RU Apr 2020 installed

| Apr 15, 2020

RU Update 19.7 done.

Environment : Exadata, X7-2, 4 node, RAC Cluster


opatch lspatches

30805684;OJVM RELEASE UPDATE: (30805684)

30869156;Database Release Update : (30869156)

29585399;OCW RELEASE UPDATE (29585399)


No error, works perfect. đź‘Ť


So we can go on to test Upgrades with „autoupgrade“ for the RAC DB’s …..


Exadata wrong Kernel version after dbnode upgrade

| Mar 26, 2020

While doing a lot of Exadata Upgrades I get a problem on one of my DB nodes

The patchmgr works without an error and the Cluster starts up

I did a few checks including if all nodes have the same Kernel version

but node01 has an older Kernel Version than the other nodes


node01: Linux node01 4.1.12-124.23.4.el7uek.x86_64 #2 SMP x86_64 x86_64 x86_64

node02: Linux node02 4.14.35-1902. (more...)

Oracle Cloud „follow up“

| Mar 19, 2020

Follow up:  „How to setup a CentOS instance and connect via ssh“

Login to the „Oracle Cloud“ via browser

go to -> Compute -> Instance

create a new instance

But before going on setup a ssh-key


ssh-keygen -t rsa -N "" -b 2048 -C "oracloud" -f /Users/user/.ssh


Now you are ready to start the setup and therefore upload the public key before

starting the installation. ( The public key upload is (more...)

I have done it „Oracle Cloud“

| Mar 11, 2020

Yes, and the „never ending story Oracle“, goes on đź‘Ť

While setting up an Oracle Cloud Account I can start testing  in the Cloud :-)

First I will create a VM Instanz based on OL 7

Lets go on

Manual upgrade to Oracle 19c (CDB/PDB)

| Dec 20, 2019


manually to 19c …. 

Actually it is very cool to do everything with so called „auto tools“. If you prefer to do the Upgrade to 19c manually and step-by-step then you can follow my article and have fun otherwise skip this blog article

Before you start you need to read a lot Doc-ID’s from Oracle Support

My list is not complete but here are very important Doc-ID’s for the Upgrade

Pre Activities for (more...)

DOAG 2019 „Engineered Systems Arbeitsgruppen Treffen“

| Nov 12, 2019

nächste Woche ist wieder DOAG Time :-)

Dieses Jahr werden wir den „Praxisaustausch Engineered Systems“ im Rahmen der DOAG Konferenz durchfĂĽhren. Somit können alle die sich mit Thema beschäftigen, oder zukĂĽnftig beschäftigen werden gerne vorbei schauen.

Wir (Frank Schneede & ich) haben den neuen Exadata Prodctmanager mit dabei.

Gavin wird uns alle News zur Exadata X8M präsentieren und natürlich gerne eure Fragen beantworten.

Den Termin Dienstag, den 19.11.2019 17:00 – 17:45 (open end) (more...)

Autonomous Health Framework (AHF) available

| Oct 28, 2019

Bildschirmfoto 2019-10-28 um 19.36.24

Oracle released the new Autonomous Health Framework since one week. It is very interesting to go through the list of new and changed features.

Yes after a very long time we had one Tool which bring everything together:

  • one single Interface
  • all diagnostics tools in one bundle makes everything easier
  • Automatic proactive compliance checks helps to fix problems
  • Diagnostic when the failure occur ensures you get everything for the resolution


To get familiar go (more...)

Oracle RU Update Assistant

| Sep 16, 2019

It is sometimes difficult to find the right Metalink note and then the correct RU update.

Now there is the interactive Oracle Assistant DOC ID 2118136.2 which is very helpful and offers quick help.

Just try it out and be amazed. It is very helpful


impdp with parameter „cluster and parallel“ for a RAC Cluster

| Jul 12, 2019

For using the „parallel“ parameter during an import (impdp) on a Oracle RAC Cluster you need to prepare your environment.

The „parallel“ parameter works correctly when you do the following:

– mount point were the export dump resides must be available on ALL cluster members

– create a Service on the database for the impdp job

srvctl add service -s impdp_service -d xdb1 -pdb xpdb1 -preferred xdb11,xdb12 -available xdb13

srvctl start (more...)