New Book about SOA 11g Performance Tuning

Check out the new guide on SOA 11g Performance Tuning published July 2013 by Packt and written by Oracle Partner C2B2 Consulting Ltd:

Oracle SOA

See more details here:

From a first glimpse myself I have the following impressions:

  • The book gives a very good overview of the various (more...)

Oracle Openworld 2013 Session confirmed

Here are the session details for those who will be able to join:

Session ID: HOL10048
Session Title: Continuous Integration Techniques to Support Your SOA Software Development Lifecycle
Venue / Room: Marriott Marquis - Salon 12/13
Date and Time: 9/26/13, 12:30 - 13:30

Looking forward to meeting you!

New A-Team Website

Check out the new Oracle A-Team website “A-Team Chronicles” under

New AIA 11g Performance Tuning Whitepaper available!

The Oracle A-Team has published a new AIA 11g performance tuning whitepaper – see
This summary shows step-by-step how to increase throughput and response time by doing this as an exercise with the AIA 11.2 O2C COMMS PIP.

New whitepaper “SOA 11g – The Influence of the Audit Level on Performance and Data Growth”

I have created a new whitepaper comparing the effect of different Audit Level settings in SOA/AIA 11g:

SOA 11g - The Influence of the Audit Level on Performance and Data Growth - A comparison using AIA 11.1 and 11.2 COMMS Order-to-Bill PIPs.

Please download from here.

AIA/SOA Trips & Tricks (4) : How to Save AIA/BPEL 11g Execution Time Statistics Programmatically in a File

Accessing and saving statistics is quite different in SOA 11g – this is done through JXM MBeans and not anymore by calling a BPEL API.

The following example shows how to retrieve the execution time statistics for all BPEL components deployed to one SOA server.

The example output is:

FOUND (more...)

AIA/SOA Trips & Tricks (3) : How to Save BPEL 10g Statistics Programmatically in a File

In Oracle BPEL Process Manager, statistics about the average execution times of BPEL processes can be displayed on the BPEL Console:


It is very important to monitor these values to be able to react on abnormal high execution times – especially for sync processes – to prevent from JTA transaction (more...)

AIA Tips & Tricks Series (2): Preventing from Exceptions with Very Large Audit Trails in AIA/SOA 11g

In very complex flows, audit trail or flow trace sizes can grow above the limit where EM console will display this correctly with the default settings. The reason is to prevent from generating huge audit trail objects in memory and thus potentially causing OOM errors – therefore the standard limit (more...)

AIA Tips & Tricks Series: Purging ESB Resequencer Tables in AIA 2.5 (Example: Comms PIPs)

AIA 2.5 Comms PIPs use the ESB 10g Resequencer for the following ESB Services:

  • CommunicationsCustomerPartyEBSV2Resequencer
  • SyncAcctSiebelAggrEventConsumer_RS
  • ProcessSalesOrderFulfillmentSiebelCommsSequencer
  • Consume_UPDSO_RS

While processing extensive volumes, the number of rows can grow quite rapidly in the ESB Resequencer tables (ESB_MESSAGES, ESB_MESSAGE_MAP, ESB_GROUP_STATUS). It is therefore critical to include these tables in the regular (more...)

Verifying connectivity from Siebel EAI JMS to AIA 2.5 / OC4J 10.1.3 using a generic JMS Test Client

The integration of Siebel, BRM and OSM using AIA 2.5 makes use of the JMS client built in Siebel EAI. To verify if you have connectivity and the correct parameters on Siebel side, there is a very helpful JMS Test Client available in My Oracle Support – see MOS (more...)

New BPEL Thread Pool in SOA 11g for Non-Blocking Invoke Activities from (PS5)

Up to release there have been 4 thread pools in Oracle SOA Suite 11g to control parallelism of execution:

  • Invoke Thread Pool (for asynchronous invocations)
  • Engine Thread Pool (i.e. for callback execution)
  • System Thread Pool
  • Audit Thread Pool

Starting with there (more...)

A Universal JMX Client for Weblogic –Part 1: Monitoring BPEL Thread Pools in SOA 11g

Monitoring and optimizing BPEL Thread Pool utilization (and other metrics) is one of the key activities in performance tuning of BPEL/SOA based integrations. Although EM console provides some basic monitoring of the BPEL engine statistics, it is limited regarding the update interval, detail and the recording interval and cannot display (more...)

Tracking the cluster node of BPEL instance invocations in SOA / AIA 10g

In a BPEL 10g cluster you often have the situation that incoming messages are picked up by adapters (i.e. JMSAdapter) on all nodes in parallel. Verifying if all nodes pickup these messages evenly is not easy in 10g because the processing cluster node is not saved in the DB (more...)

Setting up the AQ Connection from Oracle BRM to AIA 11.2 in the Order to Cash and AABC PIPs

When you install the AIA 11.2 “Comms Order to Cash: SBL CRM and BRM Pre-Built Integration” you will be asked for the BRM Connection Details:

I used the following settings for my environment:


After successful Deployment I got the following errors at startup of soa_server1:

AdapterFrameworkImpl::endpointActivation - Endpoint Activation (more...)

New German Article about Enterprise Architecture Management and Cloud Computing

Today we published a new article about the role of Enterprise Architecture in Cloud Computing. (This is german-only)

More Information in German:

Heute ist ein neues Online-Special des Objektspektrum erschienen mit dem Themenschwerpunkt Enterprise Architecture Management. Mit enthalten ist ein Artikel von mir und meinen Kollegen aus dem Oracle Architekturboard, (more...)

DOAG 2010: German User’s Group Conference Program Online!

The program of this years DOAG 2010 Conference from Nov 16 to 19,2010 in Nuremberg, Germany is online!
See (currently German only)
Please don't miss my presentation on day 2 (Nov 17th) about "Oracle BPEL PM - Performance Tuning and Clustering Best Practises".

See you in Nuremberg!

Announcement: Next DOAG Regional Meeting 8.9.2010 covers Enterprise Architecture

The next regional meeting of DOAG in Berlin happens on September 8th in the Oracle Office in Berlin-Tegel. See for full details.

18:15 - 19:15 Topic 1: Enterprise Architecture
Presenter: Thomas Baumgart, Enterprise Architect / Oracle Germany

19:30 - 20:15 Topic 2: ORACLE Enterprise Content Management
Presenter: (more...)

Web Service Transactions Part 3: Testing Rollback between multiple SOA composites


The previous sample (Part 2) only contained a call to one web service from a SOA composite. It really gets interesting only when multiple distributed web services join one atomic transaction. To be able to execute this including rollbacks, we will implement 2 web services using SOA (more...)

Web Service Transactions Part 2: WS-AtomicTransaction with SOA Composite calling EJB-Web Service

In the first part we have looked at web service transactions between JAX-WS web services without any SOA composite/component.

The next scenario where we will look at is a SOA composite calling the web service WsatBankTransferService deployed in part 1. (click on each image to display in full quality):


Enable (more...)

Web Service Transactions Part 1: WS-AtomicTransaction with EJB-based Webservices and WLS 11gR1

To make it clear at first: I am not a fan of web service transactions. They contradict the principle of loose coupling in a SOA. But it is like with XA and 2PC – there are situations where you want to use them or where it is almost mandatory.

In (more...)