Manufacturing Saying Goodbye to China!

With rising labor costs, more factories are leaving for better locations in India and Vietnam.  In Shenzhen, sewing machines that made garments for Lever Style now collect dust. Activity on the factory floor has dropped over the past 2 years by 33% or 5,000 workers as lower labor regions (more...)

Additive Manufacturing Speeds Rapid Prototying: Get Products to Market Faster

Leading firms today are turning to ‘Additive Manufacturing’  to get their products to market faster. From consumer goods to medical implant devices, companies in numerous segments are leveraging lower cost 3D printers to rapidly prototype parts – even sending them around the world via internet to a local printer. (more...)

20 Mining CEOs lost their jobs in the last 18 months! What’s going on?

With the worldwide selloff  in commodities, speculators are short selling metals causing  great turmoil in the metals and mining sectors.    The depressed demand for aluminum and other basic raw materials is taking its toll on both the top and bottom lines of the major suppliers as well as the revolving (more...)

Ultimate Asset Lifecycle Management – Owning the Auction!

To better control the cradle-to-grave ownership of its heavy duty construction equipment, Caterpillar recently bought partial ownership of CAT Auction Services. They are using the auction format to expand their sales of replacement parts and service, warranty insurance and customer financing which as reported in the Wall Street Journal can be more (more...)

Pella Opens their Doors for an Exceptional Customer Excellence Event 24~25Apr13

Oracle Customer Excellence Event - Pella

Pella is a leader in designing, manufacturing and installing high quality windows and doors in new and re-modeled homes. Pella will be holding a reference event 24~25 April 2013 at their HQ in Pella Iowa for those interested in learning about Lean operations, excellence and continuous improvement leveraging their Oracle applications.

Discussions will take place around their customer experience, process improvements on the factory floor and their utilization of business analytics to drive better business decisions.   The factory tours are impressive as the raw lumber and glass moves through the production process and exits a completed window or door!

Registration (more...)

Assessing the Impact of the New Panama Canal on Your Supply Chain

File:Panama Canal Miraflores Locks.jpg  

Panama is investing  $6Billion to add a wider 3rd lane to the Panama Canal and due to open in 2015. At a cost of $1Billion, the roadway of the Bayonne Bridge near New York is being elevated to a height of 215ft to allow larger container ships to pass under. Most modern harbors are being dredged to a depth of 50ft to accommodate the greater shipping tonnage of deeper container ships.  These are just samples of the massive investment in infrastructure undertaken to bring the North American shipping traffic into the current century.  With this new capability, ships (more...)

Supply Chains are Shifting: Get ready for tomorrow!


With the Dow approaching new highs and the resulting market optimism, there are several significant factors surfacing today that supply chain managers need to pay close attention to.

·         * According to a recent Accenture study, "Emerging household incomes are expected to increase by $8.5TRILLION between 2010 and 2020". Adaptive supply chains will need to react accordingly to response to the potentially 3Billion people entering the middle class (Read Prestowicz “3 Billion Capitalists”).

·         * There are 117 emerging market companies in the Fortune Global 500, a Six-fold increase since 2000 (Log.Mgmt, Feb’13, p.43). (more...)