Six reasons your Big Data Hadoop project will fail in 2014

Ok so Hadoop is the bomb, Hadoop is the schizzle, Hadoop is here to solve world hunger and all problems.  Now I've talked before about some of the challenges around Hadoop for enterprises but here are six reasons that Information Week is right when it says that Hadoop projects are going to fail more often than not. 1. Hadoop is a Java thing not a BI thing The first is the most important

Why your IT strategy failed or why the business hates IT

One of the most depressing things in IT is our inability to learn.  From the 'Oh look our massive waterfall project ran over budget' to the 'I really can't maintain the code we wrote that doesn't have a design or documentation' we do the same things as an industry over (more...)

Why in Business driven information its the consumers view that matters

When doing the Business Data Lake pieces it took me back to a view that I had around SOA in that you should take the consumers view when designing a service.  This I think is more critical when looking at analytics and reporting where it really is all about the consumption. What (more...)

How Business SOA thinking impacts data

Over the years I've written quite a bit about how SOA, when viewed as a tool for Business Architecture, can change some of the cherished beliefs in IT.  One of these was about how the Single Canonical Form was not for SOA and others have talked about how MDM and (more...)

The only V that counts in Big Data is Value

So what is Big Data?  Its Variety, Velocity, Volume right?  But what does that really mean?  Should I get loads of data and drop it into Hadoop, pull in anything I can lay my hands on and I'm now 'doing Big Data'? Should I plug in my packet monitoring software (more...)

Zuckerberg and the unreality of valley thinking

Bill Gates laid into Mark Zuckerberg's vision of internet access being the most important thing in solving the world's ills and another article at The Register compared Silicon Valley to 'Sheldonville' which I really agree with.  At the heart of lots of these 'visions' is an insular view of technology within (more...)

Quality is a side-effect not the goal in MDM

I put out a tweet the other day with this title and I think its worth elaborating on what I mean.  Lots of MDM efforts I see have the goal of 'improve data quality' and this is a mistake.  I'm not saying that data quality isn't a good thing but (more...)

Single Canonical Fail

There are few things out there in IT more delusional than the Single Canonical Form, the idea that IT can define a super schema, a schema so complete, so pure that all will bow down before it.  Sheer idolatry.  Whether it is for integration or for Data Warehousing (more...)

Speaking in Public isn’t private – and the internet is a public space

With all the scandal around Edward Snowden I have to say I'm mostly in the camp of 'surely everyone knew that spying agencies spied on people?', but the most surprising is when it comes to the 'scandal' that they might be listening to our communications over the internet. The (more...)

Surely REST isn’t the travelling salesman does design?

Occasionally I run across things on the web, this time tweeted by Mark Baker (@distobj), that make me read them several times.  The link he tweeted is to this page on a Nokia API and in particular this section... Biggest advantages noticed is that the API itself becomes the documentation of (more...)

Minimum on the wire, everything in the record

I've talked before about why large canonical models are a bad idea and how MDM makes SOA, BPM and a whole lot of things easier.  This philosophy of 'minimum on the wire' helps to create more robust infrastructures that don't suffer from a fragile base class problem and better match (more...)

Google and Yahoo have it easy or why Hadoop is only part of the story

We hear lots and lots of hype at the moment around Hadoop, and it is a great technology approach, but there is also lots of talk about how this approach will win because Google and Yahoo are using it to manage their scale and thus this shows that their approach (more...)

Big Data – are you the house or the played?

Coming back from the EMC World conference in Las Vegas I was looking at the people playing on the slots and making ridiculous bets at Craps and wondering 'don't these people know anything about statistics?'.  Lets be clear I get the idea of it being fun, but when you (more...)

Federated Caching in the world of the 64GB mobile

There is something that is beginning to irritate me, ok something else.  Its mobile applications that don't cache.  I'm fed up of travelling on a train or being on a plane and the end result being that my iPad or iPhone app doesn't work because I'm in an area that (more...)

Software Developers are you ready for the cage fight with the BI guys?

In all of my career to date in IT there really has been three clear worlds in IT, the software development guys who are the bespoke tailors, the package guys who deliver off the shelf and the BI guys. I'm going to admit a prejudice here.  Until a couple of (more...)

IT is a fashion industry

You know when people laugh at the fashion industry for saying that 'blue is the new black' and because of its ridiculous amount of fawning over models, designers and the like?  Is that really different to IT?  We've got our fashion houses - Google, Facebook, Apple.  We've got the big (more...)

The Hadoop hump – why enterprises struggle to move from Proof of Concept to Enterprise deployment

At the recent Hadoop Summit in Amsterdam I noticed something that has been bothering me for a while.  Lots of companies have done some great Proof of Concepts with Hadoop but they are rarely turning those into fully blown operational solutions.  Being clear I'm not talking about the shiny, shiny (more...)

Big Data, Fast Data, Orange Data, Blue Data – its decisions that count not data

Oh the chanting is out, Big Data, Fast Data, the three 'V's and of course the ubiquitous elephant are roaming across the IT landscape as the next great hype monster.  Its going the same way as pretty much every IT hype exercise.  Yes this links to the hype cycle but the (more...)

The single eye of enterprise architecture

There is a famous phrase In the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed man is king IT has always had a problem communicating with the business, and the business communicating with IT.  To fix this IT created something called Enterprise Architecture which aimed to provide a framework around the (more...)