New eye-chart for the ZFSSA

I finally updated my ZFSSA eye-chart. Hey, it's only three months late.

You can find it under the "Bookmarks" section on the right. Version 12 is the newest one.

Great video

I love the many videos on New ones every day.

Today, they had a nice video of the Oracle racing boat. Check this out...

ZFSSA update 2011.1.6.0 is now available

For those who have not noticed, ZFSSA version 2011.1.6.0 came out on April 29th.

Go get it.

Release notes are here:

Clone license clarification

Someone asked a good question about the clone and snap-manager licenses, so I wanted to clarify.

The info I received is that if you use the new snap-manager for ZFSSA product, all snaps and clones created by that product are covered by it's one-time license. You do not need the additional clone license (more...)