My #OUGN19 Presentations

As promised, here are the two presentations I gave on the OUGN 2019 Boat conference. I had a great time with old friends and new, and managed to have discussions about politics without anyone getting upset! Hope to see some of you again at OUG Ireland!

Splitting strings before they’re CLOBs!

After I tokenized two CLOBs in response to a forum question, Andy Sayer mentioned that they were probably files first. So I smacked my forehead and used external tables.

Splitting strings when they are CLOBs

Like many of you, I have enjoyed using SQL to make data processing go hundreds of times faster. My new record is: 7000 times faster :-)

Using SQL Translation Framework to access package variables

My last post had code to rewrite SELECT statements that tried to access public package variables. Here I'll integrate the code into the SQL Translation Framework. Use this only in development environments.

Make public package variables available to SQL

I recently posted an experimental approach to accessing package constants from SQL. Here is a more robust approach that includes all variables.

Make public package constants available to SQL

This is an enhancement request on ODC and a recent Twitter topic. Here is a homemade solution using the SQL Translation Framework.

SQL Templates and multiple REPLACE

I frequently use what I call "SQL templates", where I replace multiple placeholders by calculated values. Here are two methods that don't require a stored procedure.

Ranges with NULLs 07: Swiss Army Knife

I came up with this name a few years ago for a problem that I couldn't solve then: analyse a series of ranges and say whether and how they overlap. It turns out the solution is not that hard.

Ranges with NULLs 06: Overlaps with Conflicting Data

In 2014 I attacked the problem of "Overlapping ranges with priorities". This time I'll deal with NULLs and propose an improved solution.