Learned – Data Science Boot Camp: Acquiring and Transforming Big Data

Found Video Lecture Series: Data Science Boot Camp. It's very great for learning. I hope readers will get benefit from it. I learned a bit about it Today and downloaded Example Code to play. Lesson 1: I learned to use Flume Agent and read data by Hive.
Terminal 1: run (more...)

Learned a bit – ACCUMULO – set classpath in accumulo-site.xml

Thank You for comment on my post -  Learned a bit - ACCUMULO. So, I modified "<name>general.classpaths</name>" in conf/accumulo-site.xml file. It works -:)
       Add the following for hadoop-2.0
       $HADOOP_PREFIX/share/hadoop/hdfs/. (more...)

Learned a bit – ACCUMULO – generate_monitor_certificate.sh

After learned a bit - ACCUMULO. I could monitor by http://localhost:50095/status. How to use HTTPS? It's very easy - Create Certificate and Modify accumulo-site.xml file.
[root@centos01 bin]# ./generate_monitor_certificate.sh
What is your first and last name?
  [Unknown]:  Surachart Opun
What is the name of your organizational unit?

Accumulo – Application Development, Table Design, and Best Practices

The NSA started building Accumulo in 2008 and used the Google Big Table architecture as a starting point. Accumulo is NoSQL database that is a simple key/value data store. BTW, Accumulo joined the Apache community in 2011.
Why Accululo is interesting? Security! It's developed from the BigTable data model and (more...)

Learned a bit – ACCUMULO

Today. I have installed Hadoop distribution from Bigtop 0.6.0 on CentOS 6. It's very cool and easy for installation. After installation, I had a chance to read a bit about Apache Accumulo, it's a highly scalable structured store based on Google's Big Table. Accumulo is written in (more...)

DB12c – ORA-29548

Last Post, I have updated java to version 7 on 12c Database. After that, I have recreated new database!
SQL> select dbms_java.get_jdk_version() from dual;
select dbms_java.get_jdk_version() from dual

Play: automate Start/Stop OSWBB on Linux

I installed OSWatcher on Linux and want to Start OSWatcher Black Box (OSWBB) every system boot. I suggest you download package on Oracle Support - How To Start OSWatcher Black Box (OSWBB) Every System Boot (Doc ID 580513.1). If not? You might write simple script.
[oracle@test12c ~]$ pwd

Mining the Social Web, 2nd Edition By Matthew A. Russell

This post was writing about a book that helps readers to mine the Social Web - Mining the Social Web, 2nd Edition Data Mining Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, GitHub, and More By Matthew A. Russell.
Before Readers start with a book. Readers can read some links about it.
http://miningthesocialweb. (more...)