Not able to update Web service process in APEX 4.1

Last month I created a simple APEX application with enabled mobile support and latest version of jQuery, which integrates with HP Service Manager through web services. The purpose was to give option for company engineers to open and update incidents through mobile in few easy steps.

The first step was to create form and report by using the web service. At this point web service request process is created where authentication and input parameter are described. The problem appears if you try to change any parameter and update the web service process. This is the error:

 Error error updating web  (more...)

Automatically backup Oracle APEX applications to Subversion

In continue of my previous posts about APEX and Subversion I made a short script using APEXExport utility to automate and backup APEX to Subversion repository.

I’m using Oracle Express Edition 11.2, which by default doesn’t have the APEXExport utility. That’s why you need first to create the directory holding it and then copy the utility there.


Create destination directory holding the utility and copy APEXExport.class there:

mkdir -p $ORACLE_HOME/utilities/oracle/apex


Create backup directory in the SVN project for holding the backup files:

[oracle@dbsrv ~]$ svn mkdir -m "Making a backup dir."


ASM diskgroup unable to mount because of duplicate disk

This is something I would like to share for a long time, but for one or another reason I didn’t. The error is nothing special, but then I run into very interesting case.

This happen when I had to shutdown one server for maintenance and then boot it again. Once the OS started I notice that the database didn’t ran automatically. When I try to run it manually I got the following error:

SQL> startup
 ORA-01078: failure in processing system parameters
 ORA-01565: error in identifying file '+DATA/orcl/spfileorcl.ora'
 ORA-17503: ksfdopn:2 Failed to open file +DATA/orcl/spfileorcl.ora
 ORA-15077: could not locate  (more...)

Unable to create ASM disk under OEL 6.x

It was busy month and I’m behind with my blog posts. First of all Happy New Year to all of you and wish you all the best through the new year!

This is a short note for installing Oracle Database with ASM under Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.x, which is not certified YET!

If you are running ASM with ASMLib you may get the following error when try to create ASM disk:

[root@db-app2 ~]# oracleasm createdisk DISK01 /dev/mapper/data01
Writing disk header: done
Instantiating disk: failed
Clearing disk header: done


Writing the header on the disk fails without obvious reason. (more...)

Database 11.2 bug causes huge number of alert log entries

Few days ago I received a call from customer about problem with their EM console and messages about file system full. They run DB on OEL 5.7 and had only binaries installation at that file system and the database itself was using ASM. I quickly logged on to find out the file system was really full and after looking around I figure out that all the free space was eaten by alert and trace diagnostic directories. The trace directory was full of 10MB files and the alertlog file was quick growing with following messages:

 WARNING:  (more...)

Troubleshooting ASM 11.2 disk discovery

I was doing some installation at customer site when they asked if there anything specific to run GI 11.2 on HP-UX as this was their first interaction with 11g. Of course I replied that there is nothing specific, just to make sure the ownership of the raw disk is correct and had a correct ASM discovery string. They said that this is all done as it’s written in the documentation, but disks could not be discovered. This made me curious and asked them to log me in the system so I could have a look.

The system was running (more...)