Tailing the Alert Log with SQLcl

Hopefully you’ve heard about the new SQL*Plus we’re building.

And hopefully you’ve heard about the new REPEAT command we put into it yesterday.

Here’s a quick example of how to build a little ‘monitor’ in just 2 commands, a total of 5 lines of code.


SELECT To_Char(Originating_Timestamp, 'DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI:SSxFF') Time_Entry,
       substr(message_text, 0, 75) || '...'  (more...)

SQLcl: Run a Query Over and Over, Refresh the Screen

I was going to talk about our new IMPORT command in SQLcl. This will allow you to feed a delimited text file of data to our command line interface and have it automatically imported to a table.

But Kris Rice beat me to it. Woo-hoo, less work for me :)

So go read that now.

If you read far enough, you’ll see a really cool video on how to (more...)

Generating Table DDL via SQLcl, with and without Storage Clauses

We’re getting much closer to having Oracle SQL Developer version 4.1 ready for release – which includes SQLcl, our new command-line interface for Oracle Database.

Just a quick reminder in case you’re too lazy to click to that other post:

We’ve taken our existing Java based SQL*Plus script engine from SQL Developer, and built a new command line interface that does most of what SQL*Plus offers (more...)