SQL Developer Formatter: Left Aligning Columns in a SELECT


 I can’t figure out how to make a column list align like this
(underscore = space):


The closest result that the formatter produces is:

___FROM table

where all column names start at text position 3...

My answer isn’t going to be perfect, but it’s going to get the questioner, and you, very close to what you’re looking for.

Set These Formatter Preferences


One comma per (more...)

Adding Columns to a Table in SQL Developer Data Modeler: Honor Column Order?

I have an employees table.

Because it’s 1984, HR has decided we need to know Twitter handles, Facebook pages, and who knows what else.

So let’s add it to our table.

Note the new columns position...

Note the new columns position…

The dialog by default puts new columns at the bottom of the table. We’ll see why in just a moment.

Make the database reflect what's in the model

Make the database reflect what’s in the model

On a side note, we’re not super fond of these ‘arrow’ (more...)