How to Reset Your SQL Developer Preferences/Settings

We store the application settings PER user. So find where your OS stores files for your OS user.

These settings are stored HERE on Windows (…AppDevRoamingSQL Developer):

They are stored HERE on Macs and *NIX ($HOME.sqldeveloper):

The number system should look familiar...

The numbering system should look familiar…

Find the directory that corresponds with the version you are running and having problems with. Rename it. Restart SQL Developer – you should be running (more...)

Quick JSON Query Tip: Use Column Aliases for Arrays of Objects

This isn’t a SQL Developer post, sorry folks.

When it takes me more than a couple of Google searches and more than a little bit of poking around to figure something out, I reckon it’s blog-post-worthy. Maybe I can save you a bit of time too!

I have:

  • a database
  • the JSON patchset
  • a table
  • said table with IS JSON CHECK constraint
  • some json docs that contain nested arrays

So it (more...)

Job Frequency with DBMS_SCHEDULER and SQL Developer

I was remarking to someone this morning how easy I thought it was to setup a job, say on the first and third Wednesday of the month. The flexibility of DBMS_SCHEDULER, even without taking into account the power of schedules, is really powerful.

We have a scheduler wizard that puts a graphical user interface onto the DBMS_SCHEDULER package.

Here’s how it works, in a decent sized nutshell.

The wizard has a lot more options and widgets...

The wizard has a lot more options and (more...)