12cR1 RMAN Restore/Duplicate from ASM to Non ASM takes a longer time waiting for the ASMB process

Yet another exciting journey with Oracle bugs and challenges. Here is the story for you.

One of our recent successful migrations was a single instance Oracle EBS 12cR1 database to Oracle Super Cluster M7 as a RAC database with 2 instances on the same DB version ( Subsequently, the customer wants to run through EBS cloning and set up an Oracle active data guard configuration.

The target systems are not Super Cluster. (more...)

12cR2 new features for Developers and DBAs – Here is my pick (Part 2)

In Part 1, I have outlined a few (my pick) 12cR2 new features useful for Developers and DBAs. In the part 2, I am going to discuss a few more new features.
Read/Write and Read-Only Instances
Read-write and read-only database instances of the same primary database can coexist in an Oracle Flex Cluster.

Advanced Index Compression

Prior to this release, the only form of advanced index compression was low compression. Now you can also (more...)

12cR2 new features for Developers and DBAs – Here is my pick (Part 1)

Since the announcement of 12cR2 on-premises availability, the Oracle community become energetic and busy tweeting/blogging the new features, demonstrating installation & upgrades. Hence, I have decided to pick my favorite list of 12cR2 new features for Developers and & DBAs. Here is the high-level summary, until I write a detailed post for each feature (excerpt from Oracle 12cR2 new features document).
Command history for SQL * Plus: Pre 12cR2, this could be (more...)