Bulding on Subject Areas

| May 10, 2013

The new release of BI Publisher has a very nice new feature for those of you wanting to build reports on top of the BI Server data model. In previous releases you would need to either write the logical sql yourself or build an Answer request (more...)

BIP Login from a URL

I had a question last week from a great customer that is looking to build some custom .Net apps that enable users to jump from the app to the BIP interface with a click. The fly in the ointment, no single sign on (SSO) servers in sight! Day-um!

Some messing (more...)

Get yourself Organized!

A request from Leslie today to help her out on the user docs. In them we state that we support the MSWord organization charts but we do not give any detail.

Use the organization chart functionality in the templates and the chart that is rendered in the output. Figure 4-18 (more...)

Variable Numbers to Words

| Apr 11, 2013
Satyender posted a comment to the Numbers to Words post asking:
How can I store the result of <?xdofx:to_check_number(TOTAL_INV_AMOUNT,'USD','CASE_UPPER','DECIMAL_STYLE_WORDS')?> inside a variable.

Checking this out, BIP chokes on the assigning to the variable with a nice error:

 Namespace prefix 'xdofx' used but not declared

Turning to BIP RTF template (more...)