Windows Laptop : Update… Again…

Just another quick update about how things are going with the new laptop.

I read with interest this post by Denis Savenko about his choice of a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (6th gen), which looks like a nice bit of kit. The ThinkPad seems to have almost as much loyalty as MacBook Pro. 🙂

The recent announcement about the revamped MacBook Pro range caught my eye in a, “Did I make a mistake?”, kind-of way. (more...)

VirtualBox 5.2.16

Hot on the heels of 5.2.14 two weeks ago, we now have VirtualBox 5.2.16.

The downloads and changelog are in the usual places.

I’ve done the install on my Windows 10 PC at work and  Windows 10 laptop at home and in both cases it worked fine. I can’t see any problems using it with Vagrant 2.1.2 either.

I would have a go at installing on by MacBook Pro, (more...)

ODC Latin America Tour (Northern Leg) 2018

Just a quick heads-up to say I’ll be taking part in most of the ODC Latin America Tour (Northern Leg) 2018. These are the events I’ll be speaking at.

  • Quito, Ecuador – 14th August
  • Barranquilla, Colombia – 16th – 17th August
  • San Jose, Costa Rica – 20th August
  • Panama City, Panama – 22nd August
  • Mexico City, Mexico – 24th August

There is also an event in Guatemala on the 28th August, but I can’t make (more...)

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c Release 3 ( : Installation & Upgrade

Cloud Control 13c (13.3) was released a few days ago, but from what I can see the documentation hasn’t been made available yet. Despite this I had a go at installing it using the instructions for 13.2, and with a couple of small exceptions it was similar, which wasn’t surprising. The upgrade from 13.2 to 13.3 was similar to the previous upgrade from 13.1 to 13.2 also.

I’ve added (more...)

Why Automation Matters : ITIL

ITIL is quite a divisive subject in the geek world. Once the subject is raised most of us geeks start channelling our inner cowboy/cowgirl thinking we don’t need the shackles of a formal process, because we know what we are doing and don’t make mistakes. Once something goes wrong everyone looks around saying, “I didn’t do anything!”

Despite how annoying it can seem at times, you need something like ITIL for a couple of (more...)

MobaXTerm 10.8

About a week ago MobaXTerm 10.7 was released, and today we got MobaXTerm 10.8. 🙂

The downloads and changelog are in the usual places.

Now I’ve moved back to Windows full time this is what I use at work and at home. Happy days! 🙂



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VirtualBox 5.2.14

While I was away VirtualBox 5.2.14 was released.

The downloads and changelog are in the usual places.

I’ve done the install on my Windows 10 laptop and on my Windows 10 PC at work and both worked fine.

I also pulled down the latest version of Vagrant (2.1.2) and did a complete rebuild of some stuff. From what I can see it’s all good. 🙂



VirtualBox 5.2.14 was (more...)

Oracle Code : Paris – The Journey Home

I left Oracle Code : Paris a little after 5 PM. I got in the taxi, got a few miles down the road and realised I had left my phone charging in the speaker room. Doh! I got the taxi to turn round so I could pick it up. Phone in hand, I got back in the taxi and off we went…

The roads were a lot slower the second time round, but I kept (more...)

Oracle Code : Paris 2018

Oracle Code : Paris started with a short walk from the hotel to the venue. After signing in it all began…

The first session of the day was a keynote by Lonneke Dikmans called “What Happened to My Order? The Need for Orchestration in Modern Architectures”, comparing BPEL orchestrations with orchestrations and choreography used in microservices and serverless architectures. It was a really good introduction to the concepts.

Next up was James Allerton-Austin with “Building (more...)

Oracle Code : Paris – The Journey Begins

It was a normal start to the day. I woke up with my regular work alarm, packed and got a taxi to the airport.

The drive was quick and the taxi driver was interesting, which helps. I couldn’t do online check-in because my ticket was with Air France, but the flight was Flybe. Neither website would let me check in online. I was dreading an epic queue, but fortunately the airport was quiet. Even so, (more...)