Video : Oracle Data Guard Broker

Today’s video is a quick demonstration of the Oracle Data Guard Broker.

Having recently written an article on it (here), I though a quick run through might help people see how easy it is. Maybe they will get converted like me. 🙂

The star of this video is Liron Amitzi, whose shopping habits have probably boosted the Canadian economy since his move there. By now I expect all the shelves in all (more...)

OTN Tour of Latin America 2016 : It’s Nearly Here

ace-directorIn a couple of days I will be setting off for this years OTN Tour of Latin America 2016 (Northern Leg). For me, the tour consists of the following locations:

  • Panama City, Panama:  01-Aug-2016
  • San Jose, Costa Rica:  03-Aug-2016
  • Mexico City, Mexico: 05-Aug-2016
  • Guatemala City, Guatemala: 08-Aug-2016
  • Pereira, Colombia: 11, 12-Aug-2016

I’ve had a last minute panic over hotels, but the main thing is I have flights. 🙂

If you’re coming to the events, it will be great (more...)

How To Learn Real Application Clusters (RAC) Administration

glasses-272399_1280-smallIn yesterday’s post about Learning, Career Development and Mentoring I mentioned a specific question I had been asked about learning RAC. I get it quite a bit, and after reading the comments from that post I thought I would write something I could use as a reply to that type of question in future. So here it is.

It’s very much an opinion piece, but I would like (more...)

Learning, Career Development and Mentoring

glasses-272399_1280-smallYesterday I received pretty much the same question from three different people, or maybe one person pretending to be three people. 🙂 The questions went something like this.

I want to get good at RAC. Will you teach me?

One of the three suggested I might want to use my Sundays teaching them. 🙂

I’m not mad at people for asking this and I don’t want to offend anyone by mentioning this, but it goes back (more...)

VirtualBox 5.1.2

You know a major new release is going to be rapidly followed by a bunch of fixes, so about 9 days after the release of VirtualBox 5.1 we now have VirtualBox 5.1.2.

I have got it running on my Windows 7 desktop and work and it seems fine. I’ll try OSX El Crapitan and Oracle Linux 6 hosts when I get home.



VirtualBox 5.1.2 was first posted on July (more...)

Data Guard Broker : 11g and 12c

vault-154023_640I’ve been using standby databases, on and off, since Oracle 8i. I first wrote about Data Guard for Oracle 9i. I’ve had an article on 11gR2 Data Guard for ages, but up until recently I’ve always used the manual setup.

We’ve got a project coming up that *may* use Data Guard and *may* be installed by a 3rd party, so I figured I better get up to speed with the Data Guard Broker, in case they (more...)

VirtualBox 5.0.26

If you’ve not taken the plunge and upgraded to VirtualBox 5.1, you might be interested to know that VirtualBox 5.0.26 has been released.

Downloads and changelog are now listed under the old builds.

In case you are wondering, I’ve been running VirtualBox 5.1 on Mac, Windows 7 and Oracle Linux 6 hosts since its release. As yet, not problems.



VirtualBox 5.0.26 was first posted on July 19, (more...)

APEX 5.0.4

You may have noticed people taking about the APEX 5.0.4 release over the last couple of days. I started rolling it out to our databases straight away and it’s now on all the production environments too.

The install/upgrade and patching procedures are the same as normal.

  • Clean install or major version upgrade here.
  • Patch existing 5.0 installation here.

Remember, you can kick the tyres of APEX 5.1 Early Adopter here.



APEX (more...)

VirtualBox 5.1

VirtualBox 5.1 has been released!

Downloads and changelog in the usual places.

I’ve only done the installation on my Windows 7 desktop so far. It seems to be working fine at the moment. I’ll do the Mac and Linux ones when I get home tonight.



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MobaXterm 9.1

You can tell how long I leave MobaXterm running because I was forced to restart it today and I figured I would do a check for updates. It turns out version 9.1 was released nearly two weeks ago. 🙂

The downloads and changelog are in the usual places.

Happy days!



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