New XPS 15 : The Wait is Over

Followers of the blog will know I’ve been moaning about my MacBook Pro and macOS for a while now, and talking about making a switch back to Windows. That time will arrive soon, because I’ve just ordered one of these.

It’s a Dell XPS 15″ with 32G RAM, 1TB M2 drive and an i9 (6 core) processor.

It’s a little over the top, but I tend to hold on to laptops for quite a while, assuming (more...)

Chrome 68, HTTPS , Let’s Encrypt and ORDS

In February Google released a post about Chrome 68, due for release in July, which will increase the pressure to adopt HTTPS for all websites because of this behaviour change.

Basically HTTP sites will be marked as insecure, rather than just getting the (i) symbol.

Recently I’ve seen a bunch of sponsored posts talking about this in an attempt to sell certificates. GoDaddy are pushing the advertising hard. I just wanted to remind people (more...)

KeePass 2.39.1

I just noticed KeePass 2.39.1 was released about a week ago.

Downloads and Changelog available from the usual places.

You can read about how I use KeePass and KeePassXC on my Mac, Windows and Android devices here.



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Oracle Code : Warsaw – The Journey Home

I woke up at silly o’clock to begin my journey home. I checked out of the hotel and got a taxi to the airport, where I breezed through check-in and security and found myself at the boarding gate 2 hours before the flight. Another hour in bed would have been nice… 🙂

As usual, out came the laptop and I played catch-up on the blog and some of the other stuff I had missed during the (more...)

Oracle Code : Warsaw

Oracle Code : Warsaw started for me with my first presentation of the day as I was in the first block after the keynotes…

My first session was about Analytic Functions. It’s a little difficult to predict the makeup of the Oracle Code crowds. In some cities you get predominantly Oracle developers, while in others it’s the opposite. As a result, you never know how what you are doing will be received until you get (more...)

Oracle Code : Warsaw – The Journey Begins

For a change it was a normal wake-up time for me. The advantage of flying late morning is you don’t have to get up so early. The disadvantage is the traffic. I left an hour earlier than usual, just to make sure, and it paid off. I missed some of the traffic, but there were some questionable decisions by my taxi driver. He seemed like a nice guy, but his SatNav was taking us on (more...)

VirtualBox 5.2.12

VirtualBox 5.2.12 has been released for some platforms.

The downloads and changelog are in the usual places.

I did the upgrade to my MacBook Pro in Brussels Airport and I’ve just done the upgrade to my Windows 10 PC at work.

The upgrade went fine on macOS, but I ran into a little glitch with the Windows 10 upgrade. The upgrade itself seemed successful, but no VMs would run once the upgrade was complete. 🙂


Oracle Code : Warsaw, Poland

In a little over a week I will be travelling to Poland for the first time to speak at Oracle Code : Warsaw.

The Oracle Code events are free 1 day events. The fact they are only a single day means it’s pretty hard to get a slot. As usual I put in a few papers, so they had alternatives in case there were subject clashes with other speakers. I got an acceptance for one (more...)

VirtualBox 5.2.10

VirtualBox 5.2.10 has been released for some platforms.

The downloads and changelog are in the usual places.

At the time of writing the Windows release hasn’t dropped, so watch this space.

Happy upgrading.



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Oracle Code : India – Bengaluru to Birmingham

Following my normal pattern, sleep was a little fitful the night before a flight. I got up early and walked over to meet Sebastian at his hotel. We were on the same first flight, so we shared a taxi to the airport.

We purposely started early to avoid the traffic, making it a really easy journey in to the airport. We got through check-in and security really quickly, which left us with about three hours (more...)