Interacting client-side JavaScript with server-side PeopleCode

This week we have a guest-post from Richard Yip. Richard is a PeopleSoft HCM & Payroll Technical Consultant at Santander Bank here in the UK. He is a long-term PeopleSoft techie and a regular at the UKOUG conferences.  I’m delighted to be able to give him a conduit through which to share some of his good work.

Richard Yip: How to interact client-side Javascript with server-side PeopleCode

(using getElementById.focus(), getElementById.submit(), submitAction_win0(this.form, and window.showModalDialog)

This example (more...)

PeopleSoft Roadshow / What’s next for PeopleSoft … a Correction

Thanks for all your feedback on the roadshow / what’s next for PeopleSoft write-up. It’s wonderful that there’s such a large and active PeopleSoft community out there that’s so positive about the new functionality that Oracle is adding to the product.

After I posted the article Marc Weintraub got in touch and has marc weintraubasked me to correct an inconsistency in one of the sections. I had included a paraphrased quote which gave the impression that net-new PeopleSoft opportunities (more...)

The PeopleSoft Roadshow 2014 – What’s coming next for PeopleSoft?

Last week I attended the UKOUG PeopleSoft Roadshow, and it was very interesting for a number of reasons. Here’s what I took away from the event:


We’re quite used to hearing Marc Weintraub and Jeff Robbins speak here in the UK. They come over every year for the roadshow, and they’re the sessions that everyone attends for.

Marc’s style was a touch different this time in that he gave us a little more insight (more...)

I’m Jim Marion and this is how I work

Next up in the ‘How I work‘ series is Jim Marion. I suspect that for most reading this Jim will need no introduction, however as I’ve given everyone else a mini-biog I shall do the same for Jim.

Jim is Oracle’s most publicly-facing techie, and I suspect one of it’s most senior technical brains. Jim’s blog – Jim’s PeopleSoft Journal – is one of the (if not ‘the’) most useful and forward thinking (more...)

UKOUG Apps Transformation Day (aka Fusion SIG)

I had the privilege of attending the UKOUG Apps Transformation day at the CBI Centre in London yesterday. I nearly missed it as the title initially didn’t grab my attention, but a friend pointed out that it was exclusively Fusion content and that was enough for me!

There were 120 people registered, however it looked like the numbers present were a lot short of that. The venue could have taken a lot more than 120 (more...)

Ideas vs Execution

I received a sobering lesson today in the value of good ideas, versus the execution of these ideas.

Four years ago I read a great post on status boards, and on the train the next day I mulled over the possibility of building something similar in PeopleSoft. This is the image that started my thoughts racing:

This was around the time that PeopleTools 8.50 came out, and I believed that a similar looking (more...)

I’m Anton de Weger and this is how I work

Next up in the ‘How I work‘ series is Anton de Weger, my first boss in the PeopleSoft world. Anton ran Congruent UK, the consultancy I worked at for 7 great years and I owe much of what I’ve learnt to him. Congruent was – for it’s no longer in existence – full of great consultants, not only in their technical or functional ability, but in a desire to behave ethically for the (more...)

I’m Simon Wilson and this is how I work

Next up in the ‘How I work‘ series is Simon Wilson, one of my colleagues here at Succeed Consultancy. Simon is an experienced hybrid Technical and Functional Consultant across HCM, Financials, CRM and Portal. As well as sterling on-site consultancy, Simon is the Technical Practice Lead here at Succeed so he looks after all of our Techs. Simon can be found on Twitter here and regularly contributes to the Succeed blog (as well (more...)

What are you all looking for?

Every year all of the social media sites mail out “your top posts/tweets/pages/slideshares/whatever for the year” summaries. I expect that you’ve had some of these too.

I thought it’d be interesting to put mine in one place to see if there’s any correlation or trend in what you all find worth reading.

The PeopleSoft Weekly Newsletter

This is the free weekly email newsletter that we send out. More details here.

During 2013 we sent out (more...)

PeopleSoft in the Cloud at UKOUG Apps 2013

A couple of week’s ago, Succeed attended the UKOUG Apps 2013 conference. The turnout was a little lower than hoped for, but there was some great content over the 2 days.  Succeed presented two sessions, Michelle (T&L guru and pre-sales Funcitonal expert) presented first on running Timesheets and Expenses within (more...)

PeopleSoft and the Leap Motion

I had the chance to play with one of the new Leap Motion controllers today. My first instinct was to play some games with it, however my second instinct was to see how well it works with PeopleSoft …

Oracle’s Week of Deals

This week Oracle announced 3 major deals. Deals of this size would normally be the single biggest piece of news in any typical week, so to get 3 in successive days means that they were lined up and unleashed in a deliberate manner to create the largest splash possible. And (more...)

The different facets of the Fusion UI

Most of the early screenshots that came out about Fusion were all from the Web-based UI, things like the 9-box grid etc. Now that the product is out there we’re getting to see more. I attended an excellent webinar that explained a few things that were new to me:

1) (more...)

The Fusion UX

“The User Experience – by itself – is probably enough to sell this product.”

Spotted by Ultan.

New Fusion video


As part of my work at Succeed I’ve put together a short 2 minute video showing some of the Fusion highlights for our Simply Talent campaign.

For more info go to the Simply Talent website.

Initial Fusion deployments are mostly cloud based / 1,000 improvements in 6 months

There was an interesting comment earlier today at Collaborate where a senior exec mentioned that of the 250 customers who’ve licensed Fusion already, most of them have opted for a cloud-based deployment. It’s encouraging that there is widespread adoption of the cloud, however you do wonder if some of these (more...)

Fusion getting some positive press

I was heartened to see an opinion piece on ZD Net discussing the Oracle’s recent Public Cloud / Fusion Apps progress. Oliver Marks – the author – clearly has access to much more than us outsiders, but the impression that he has formed – that Oracle has made huge progress (more...)

Fusion Apps need a new logo

I’ve watched some Fusion presentations and webinars over the last month or two, and a couple of things have struck me.

1) This – if you just glance at it quickly – looks like it reads ‘Oracle confusion’

Not a good message to be sending out.

2) The Fusion Apps (more...)

Faces of Fusion

Oracle have uploaded an interesting little series of videos showing some of the personalities behind Fusion Apps development. It struck me as refreshing because Oracle is such a monolithic company, and although you often get to see/hear the execs speak you don’t often get to see the other contributors to (more...)

Fusion Pricing News

It really sounds as though things are starting to take shape. We now have a published Global Pricelist for Oracle Fusion Apps.

Exciting times.