Oracle Cloud Development with NetBeans and Eclipse (OEPE)

| Mar 21, 2013

Continuing the Oracle Cloud development series, I have posted 5 new tutorials that illustrate how to develop and deploy Java EE applications to Oracle Cloud using NetBeans and Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (OEPE). The tutorials introduce you to application development using of one these two fine IDEs with  Oracle (more...)

New OBE Series: Oracle Cloud and JDeveloper/ADF

| Mar 7, 2013

OBE of the Month: Oracle Cloud and JDeveloper/ADF

In this Oracle By Example (OBE) series, you will learn how to develop and deploy Oracle ADF applications to Oracle Cloud by using Oracle JDeveloper. The tutorial series covers using both Oracle Java Cloud Service and Oracle Database Cloud Service, and introduces you to securing applications using Oracle Identity Management built into Oracle Cloud.

Oracle JDeveloper 11g ( is nicely integrated with Oracle Cloud, providing a single tool to manage both your database and Java services. In Part 1 of the tutorial, you will create create (more...)