And the APEX Coin goes to…

And the APEX Coin goes to...

Before I tell you.. Here is the story behind it!

Adrian Png is a Senior APEX developer and he is doing a lot of things for the APEX Community. For that reason he earned the APEX.WORLD Member of the year award.

His last outstanding idea was the APEX Challenge Coin!
In short: You can announce one or more great APEX developers who you think earn an APEX Coin.

Der Fahrplan bis zur APEX Connect 2019

Im Mai 2017 hatte ich euch gefragt worauf ihr euch am meisten freut was die damals anstehende APEX Connect betraf.
Nun schreiben wir das Jahr 2019 und bis zur Connect stehen noch einige Events vor der T├╝r, bei denen es neben dem technischen Wissensaustausch vor allem auch um (more...)

Modal Dialogs Part 1 – Intro

In this 5 part series of blog posts I will share my understanding of how you can open modal dialogs with dynamic values.

First of all: Why would you need that?
There are particular business cases where your modal dialog (page 2) uses data from the parent page (page 1) which was created during runtime.
For example: Map Selector
I want to select a certain position from a map. The map is called by a (more...)

Interactive Grid – Column stretching

Since APEX 18.1 you can define the stretch behavior per column.

You can choose between 3 different options:

Use Report Setting
The column will use the Stretch Report Setting set by the End User to define if the column should stretch or not.
In APEX 18.1 you have a new option to let the end user decide if the columns should be stretched or not.
This option effects all columns by default.


Eine verr├╝ckte Zeit endet…

Hallo zusammen,

ich habe leider eine schlechte Nachricht zu verk├╝nden. Ich trete als Leitungskraft innerhalb der DOAG NextGen-Community zur├╝ck. Das kommt leider nicht nur f├╝r euch ├╝berraschend, und glaubt mir, dieser Schritt ist mir nicht leichtgefallen, weil ich wei├č, dass ihr da drau├čen auf das, was die NextGen geleistet hat, vertraut und mit Freude die Entwicklung und den Spirit mitverfolgt habt.

Leider gab es vor kurzem mehrere Vorstandsbeschl├╝sse, die ein weiteres Engagement f├╝r mich praktisch (more...)

APEX client side error messages – apex.message.showErrors

Since APEX 5.1 we have the ability to create client side messages without the requirement to use a plugin or custom code to create nice looking client side messages.

For that requirement the APEX team created the apex.message library.

This library provides the same look and feel as if you would create a message out of your Page Designer > Validation Area.

In this example I will tell you something about a more (more...)

Flagge zeigen – IT gegen Rechts

Ich habe lange gez├Âgert und ├╝berlegtÔÇŽ Es ist aber Zeit! Zeit mich zu positionieren, damit jedem klar ist, f├╝r welche Form von IT ich stehe. In Zeiten wie diesen ist es nicht mehr m├Âglich, sich einfach weg zu ducken und zu hoffen!
Dazu m├Âchte ich euch kurz etwas ├╝ber die Geschichte meiner Familie erz├Ąhlen:
Zwei meiner Urgro├čv├Ąter haben im 2. Weltkrieg gek├Ąmpft - der eine als Freiheitsk├Ąmpfer f├╝r den Kommunismus und der andere als Soldat (more...)

Configure the SQL Developer on Mac OS X for AWS Cloud access

I have struggled a while now to correctly configure my Mac so that I can access an Oracle database in the AWS cloud.

Got a couple of strange connection errors:
I/O-Fehler: General SSLEngine problem
Handshake error

I even created a question in the forum:
At the end my friend R├╝diger helped me finding the right solution.

What was my configuration:
 - Max OS X 'El Captain'
 - JDK version: Build 1.8. (more...)

#nextGENTrip18 a Twitter story

I would like to give you a feeling about our #NextGEN community activities by showing you a collection of tweets at the latest event which we participated:

The #ApexDay2018 in Stockholm at the SWEOUG

We have been 12 IT enthusiast from different places and different life circumstances.
 - 6 women and 6 men
 - 5 students and 5 employees and 2 freelancer
 - 9 Oracle specialists and 7 of them working primary with APEX



Set APEX application name for Dev, Test and Prod environment in the same database

In case you have a small application where development, test and maybe also production environment are on the same database and your applications in this environment distinguish only by the application IDs. To setup a custom application name based on the ID you could do like this:

We assume our application name is "Training room app" defined in the "Shared Components" > "User Interface Attributes"

To differentiate the environments I add a dynamic action "Page (more...)

Copy and Paste to clipboard

Well I had the requirement to copy the content of a textarea into the clipboard. There are two ways to do that:

1. Build a dynamic action with custom Javascript code:
Copy Text to Clipboard

Code example - with dynamic action on "Click" and "Execute Javascript Code":
/* Select the text field */

/* Copy the text inside the text field */

2. Use an APEX plugin:
Copy to Clipboard (v1. (more...)

Enable save button on form change

Today I had the requirement that the save button should stay disabled until a form item changed.

After digging around I found a quite easy solution which worked well until now.

Save Button
Static ID: saveBtn
Custom Attributes: disabled

Dynamic Action
Event: Page Load
Execute Javascript Code:
$('#wwvFlowForm').on('input change', function() {
    $('#saveBtn').attr('disabled', false);

Simple but effective.

Working with the APEX tree

Out of a coincidence I haven't used the APEX tree region for years. Now I got the task to create a customizable tree in my application. Since APEX 5 there is a new tree type called "APEX tree" which supports some really cool functions.

Anyway I had to look around to find out what the APEX tree is actually capable of. First of all start with the APEX "Sample Trees" application which you find in (more...)

Check inside your APEX application if debug mode is enabled

Sounds like a simple task but whenever I have the requirement to add a region and make it conditional to check if APEX is running in debug mode. I always search for half an hour finding the right solution.

Search example on Google: "Oracle APEX check debug mode conditional PL/SQL"
Trying this or 30 different other ways it always ends up with the wrong results.

But it is so easy - Conditional PL/SQL Expression:

Join the NextGEN group at APEX Connect 18

The #NextGEN community is planning an after conference evening activity. For that reason we published a German article with all details on My dear friend Jonas translated the text via

Original article:
Wir sind EINE Community!

Here you go:


Young people who are motivated to get involved in conference planning? Yes, that's right!
And these motivated youngsters bring 24 more youngsters far away from the Oracle APEX universe.
Before the (more...)

CREATE or COPY master data pages in APEX

In this blog post I just want to give a hint about the positive and negatives effects when you COPY master data pages for different master data tables.

Both tables have the same columns :

In APEX you have a Master - Detail view including 2 pages: report view and modal dialog

If you decide to copy both pages (more...)

Interactive Report – Column background color

One of my customers needed an IR where half of the report columns should be visualized in another color.

It is really easy to integrate. Go into the report column attributes inside your "Page Designer" and add a "Static ID" for each column:

Column 1: rep_col_diffcolor_1
Column 2: rep_col_diffcolor_2

Now add this CSS snippet inside the page attributes:

.a-IRR-table tr td[headers*="rep_col_diffcolor_"]
    background-color: #99ccff;

The trick is to address every element by searching for the start part of the "Static ID" name.

APEX ist anders. Genau das gleiche gilt auch f├╝r die APEX Connect!

Es gibt zwei Dinge die ich in ├╝ber 10 Jahren im Oracle Umfeld immer und immer wieder h├Âre:

1. Die Community wird immer ├Ąlter.
2. APEX ist aus Grund XY schlecht.

Was hat die APEX Connect damit zu tun?
Die APEX Connect beweist nun zum 4ten Mal, dass eine Community (wie die Technologie selbst) nicht stehenbleiben darf. Ohne die gemeinsame Arbeit an immer wieder neuen Angeboten w├Ąre die Veranstaltung wohl nicht das was sie heute (more...)

Dynamic LOV with Pipeline function

A new year brought me some new tasks. I had to take over a generic Excel import and the customer wanted some extension by checking if the join on the master tables were successful.

Unfortunate we were talking about a generic solution which meant that all the configuration was saved inside tables including the LOV-tables which were saved as simple select statements.

Show all import rows/values which were not fitting towards the master data.


After the party is before the party

Now two months after the #pougtrip everything went back to normal. Except the planning for the next events.

The DOAG #NextGEN is currently starting a "roadshow" at German universities.

Start is the 07.11.2017 at the university of Trier. We will have 3 presentations covering different technologies: SQL, JS, JSON, SVG, PL/SQL, REST and APEX.
But see for yourself: Oracle Vortr├Ąge an der Hochschule Trier

As you can see the agenda is made with (more...)