Cookie Applikation

Ich habe in den letzten Tagen an einer Mini-Anwendung gearbeitet: "Cookie Applikation".

Die Verwendung von Cookies in APEX ist nicht kompliziert, ist aber ohne die passenden Beispiele etwas mühsam umzusetzen. Deswegen habe ich an einer Beispielanwendung gebaut, die genau die Funktionsweise der Cookie-Nutzung erläutert und LIVE darstellt.

Zusätzlich dazu habe ich den Super Cookie (Canvas Fingerprinting) beispielhaft implementiert.

Also schaut mal rein:

APEX ist überall

Obwohl APEX 5 noch nicht erschienen ist, ist die APEX Community aktiver denn je.

Hiermal eine Überischt der letzten Aktivitäten:

Stuttgart - 22.02.2015
München - 21.02.2015
Colombus (USA) - 15.01. (more...)

Working with disabled textfields

In APEX you have the possibility to disable text fields.
Unfortunatelly you can not submit those fields after the value was changed by a dynamic action or some javascript code.
Out of a security point of view in most cases this makes sense.

In case you do have to change the value during the runtime and need to send it to the database.
First all textfields must be enabled. Now create two dynamic actions using (more...)

Oracle SQL regular expression – check for numbers or special characters

We all know the regular expression syntax is fast and you can do amazing things with little code snippets. But we do know as well that whenever you need it then you have no idea how to write it down. To be able to find a solution for your problem you use the WWW.

So here you have another example you may need one day. :)
I had to check a string for special characters (more...)

Calculate all unique combinations of one list (cartesian product)

A couple of day ago a had a task to combine a list with itself. The result should be a two column report of each possible combination.

What should note be part of the result:
- same element combination should be excluded
- duplicate rows (even if the sides are switched)

Because I was just not able to solve it myself *actually it's awful after I now know how to do it* I had to (more...)