Das war 2015 und nun?

In meinem letzten Blogpost für dieses Jahr, möchte ich noch einmal kurz auf alle Highlights in 2015 eingehen. Ich wünsche viel Spaß beim Revue passieren lassen! :)

APEX CONNECT 2016 und das HH24:MI Dilemma

Als ich das Vortragsprogramm der APEX CONNECT 2016 gelesen habe, musste ich mich doch kurz wundern...
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APEX 5 Migration – Part 2 – Common application issues after the migration

This time I will tell you more about the most common problems in your APEX applications after an upgrade to APEX 5.

You will find the most migration bugs in following situations:

Generierung von Bitlisten mit Hilfe von SQL am Beispiel einer Datum zu Monat Konvertierung

Ich hatte vor kurzem die Aufgabe erhalten eine Bitliste auf Basis eines Monats zu generieren.
Bedeutet, ich habe einen String mit 31 Zeichen der je Zeichen den Zustand 1 oder 0 einnehmen kann.
 - 1 steht für aktiv
 - 0 steht für inaktiv


Um dies anhand eines verständlichen Beispiels zu verifizieren, habe ich mir eine Dienstplan-Tabelle ausgedacht.
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APEX 5 Migration – Part 1 – Requirements and Installation

During this year I have done several APEX 5 migrations and I held three lectures on the topic.
Unfortunately it only reached out in Germany, however the content would contribute to simplifying the work for everyone. So I decided to blog it. I will cover this topic in three different posts:
- Requirements and Installation
- Common issues after the migration
- Universal Theme migration

I start with the requirements and installation of APEX 5.

Oracle JET Charts – Do we need alternatives anymore?

After I looked through the chart types supported by the new Oracle JET framework I asked myself if we need other chart plugins like D3JS or RaphaelJS in future APEX releases anymore?

The answer is: Yes in special cases.

My supposition is that we can use all available JET charts in one of the next versions of Oracle APEX.

Now I will describe the "special case" with two examples where other chart frameworks still make sense:
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All JET charts in APEX 5.1

I added a new feature request for APEX:
APEX 5.1 with support for all available JET Data Visualizations Charts

APEX 5.1 will include a new charting engine based on the new Javascript Framework "Oracle JET". Unfortunately APEX 5.1 will only include those charts from the JET website (http://www.oracle.com/webfolder/technetwork/jet/uiComponents-dataVisualizations.html) which are supported in the current version of APEX. For example the "Spark Chart" or the "Timeline" will (more...)