SOA Suite 12c – WSM-02141 : Unable to connect to the policy access service

Today, I bumped into a problem with accessing the WSM Policy Manager after I changed the listen address of the SOA managed server in my development environment. The administration server was not able to contact the WSM Policy Manager after the change, causing the problem that I could not run any SOA service test from the EM console
oracle.wsm.policymanager.PolicyManagerException: WSM-02141 : Unable to connect to the policy access service.
After some investigation I discovered that, (more...)

Oracle SOA Suite 12c tips – Tuning the SOA infrastructure thread pool

One of the new capabilities of Oracle SOA Suite 12c is the ability to control the SOA infrastructure thread pools, except the resource pools for EDN and the adapters, with Oracle WebLogic Server work managers. Each partition will has its own work managers defined. This allows you to separate services in partitions and, to some extent, tune them separately based on for example specific SLA requirements.

Well, this blog posting is not about explaining the (more...)

Oracle Traffic Director: Instances, Processes & High Availability explained

Recently, I created a small slide deck to explain how Oracle Traffic Director instances, processes and high-availability concepts work together to front end requests to back end application servers with high availability.

The Oracle Traffic Director (OTD) environment the slide is based on runs on Exalogic Virtual and consists of 3 vServers:
  • 1 for the OTD admin server
  • 2 for the OTD admin nodes
More information about Oracle Traffic Director can be found here: Oracle Traffic Director documentation

Oracle SOA Suite 11g tuning tips for Oracle RAC database 11.2

During my project work I had to tune the SOA dehydration store on more than one occasion. Through this posting I would like to share the tuning tips collected during these exercises. It is not a step-by-step guide, because with tuning there never is a 'one-size-fits-all' in my humble opinion, but I provide in general a guidance that you can use as a reference for your own situation. I will also refer to related Oracle (more...)

The inbound OSB file transport flow explained

The working of the OSB file transport can be explained  as follows:
  • File written to a polling directory
  • Metadata messages posted in internal JMS queue by the file transport and file moved to staging directory
  • OSB Proxy Service triggered by message on the JMS queue
  • Proxy service reads file from staging directory and moves the file to the archive folder when completed
This blogs explains the behavior when you suspend the flow on 3 different (more...)

OSB 11g – JCA polling adapter: StuckThread trace in the server log

I recently had to configure in OSB 11g the JCA AQ adapter to poll for new messages on an AQ inbound queue. This is quite easy using this tutorial.

However after I had configured the adapter and run some successful tests I saw the following stack trace in the server log after a period:

<[STUCK] ExecuteThread: '0' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)' has been busy for "600" seconds working on the request "$WorkAdapterImpl@4b936059", which is more than the configured time (StuckThreadMaxTime) of "600" seconds. Stack trace: Method)
weblogic.jdbc.wrapper.XAConnection_oracle_jdbc_driver_LogicalConnection.dequeue(Unknown Source)
weblogic.jdbc.wrapper.JTAConnection_weblogic_jdbc_wrapper_XAConnection_oracle_jdbc_driver_LogicalConnection.dequeue(Unknown Source)$

Apparently, this StuckThread trace occurs 10 minutes after the server has been started and is caused by the fact that WebLogic uses by default 1 polling thread which remains active, or in other words is never released by the adapter, by design. Therefore the stuck thread trace can be ignored.

Please look in the OSB JCA transport guide for a detailed explanation and the configuration steps that can be applied to prevent stuck thread traces for polling threads (use a special configured Workmanager)

Coherence in Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g: useful tips & links

Since the release of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g the integration of Coherence in the Fusion Middleware has increased drastically with every PatchSet release. Currently in FMW 11g PS2 Coherence is used for:

  • Cluster Deployment

  • Weblogic ActiveCache/Coherence*Web integration

  • OSB ResultCache

This posting will contain useful pointers to documentation section that can help you with managing and using Coherence in FMW 11g...the list is not complete but a first attempt to bundle the links I have (more...)

Book review: Oracle Coherence 3.5: Create internet scale applications using Oracle’s high-performance data grid

The IT book publisher PackT asked me, based on my blog activities here, a couple of weeks ago if I was willing to review the newly published book Coherence 3.5. Being a person who works with Coherence, follows the developments around Coherence and believes in the capabilities of Oracle Coherence for building reliable scalable architectures, I was definitely willing to review this book and to bundle my feedback in a blog posting afterwards.

The (more...)

How-to: Analyzing Out-Of-Memory issues in WebLogic 10.3.3 with JRockit 4.0 Flight Recorder

Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3.3 provides out-of-the box support for JRockit Flight Recorder (JFR); the new enhanced run-time JVM analyzer in JRockit 4.0 positioned as the replacement for JRA with the following points of improvement Always on, Better data, third-party application integration through an API and low-to-zero overhead. JFR integrates seamlessly with WLS 10.3.3 to produce recording images on demand or event-based to analyze and solve all kinds of (more...)

How-to: Building REST/JSON services with OSB 11g and JAX-RS

Last couple of weeks, I have read a lot of blog postings about REST services in combination with the Oracle Service Bus (like this posting). I've even made a first attempt to write a posting about this subject, but I got really constructive comments in return on that posting that I decided to write a complete new one. Thanks for the comments :)

I decided to play around with REST and OSB myself and choosed (more...)

How-to: Oracle Service Bus 10gR3 – Oracle FMW B2B 11g interoperability

In this posting I will describe how you can integrate Oracle B2B 11g and Oracle Service Bus 10gR3 to send messages to Oracle B2B 11g from an OSB 10gR3 service.

The most easy way to integrate Oracle B2B 11g and OSB 10gR3 is by using JMS. Oracle B2B 11g supports JMS as protocol for its internal inbound and outbound delivery channels out-of-the-box.To enable JMS set the Use JMS Queue as default property to true (more...)

How-to: Archiving Oracle FMW B2B 11g run-time data using data pumps

In Oracle Fusion Middleware B2B 11g enhanced procedures are introduced to archive and/or purge the B2B 11g run-time data.

The procedures that take care of archiving/purging live in the SOAINFRA database schema of your FMW 11g database repository:

The B2B_EXPORT_JOB procedure does the actual archiving and is invoked from the B2B_ARCHIVE_PROCEDURE procedure. The B2B_EXPORT_JOB procedure uses a data pump to archive the run-time data to a file on the file system.

To make (more...)

Book review: Middleware Management with Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 10g R5

In December last year the publisher of IT books Packt Publishing contacted me to ask me if I was willing to read their newly released book about Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control:

Middleware Management with Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 10g R5

They've selected me based on the contents of my blog.

The book is well structured and written in a clear language. The book starts with explaining the main features of Oracle Enterprise (more...)

How to: OSB – FMW SCA 11g interoperability supporting transaction propagation

Currently, the BPEL transport in OSB is not supporting FMW 11g. However, I just found a way, although it still is proven in theory based on my knowledge, to enable transaction propagation between OSB and FMW 11g SCA composites. The basic idea is that you have to communicate between OSB and FMW 11g SCA composites using the SDO - EJB binding in 11g. The t3 protocol used as the communication protocol between the ejb client (more...)

Oracle FMW B2B 11g: How to collect HTTP header info from inbound messages using Java Callouts

In Oracle FMW B2B 11g the Java callout functionality makes it possible to add Java hooks to an inbound or oubound message flow. Callouts van be written and configured per agreement or per delivery channel (transport callouts). More info about managing callouts can be found here

In this blog posting, I will show how you how an agreement callout can be used to collect HTTP headers from an inbound message, which is received by the (more...)

Some Tips on Oracle FMW 11g Clustering: deployment and configuration

In this blog-posting, I share some first tips on Oracle FMW 11g ( cluster-wide deployment and cluster configuration based on my first experiences with setting up such an environment.

Most tips come from these two documents:
- Enterprise Deployment Guide for Oracle SOA Suite
- Oracle FMW 11g High-Availability Guide

Cluster-wide deployment tips

Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g purge scripts available on Oracle Metalink

On Oracle Metalink there is now a Note available that describes the usage of the FMW 11g purge scripts. Note 815896.1 contains all the details.

An OPatch patch 8328187 is available for download that contains all the scripts that are required to create the purging functionality in the SOA_INFRA schema

How to set-up a common Ant project for using the Oracle FMW 11g B2B Ant tasks

Inspired by this great blog posting about how to use the FMW Ant tasks to deploy a SOA composite, I started to use that example to set up my own Ant project for B2B management purposes.

In this blog-posting, I will give an example project that is capable of importing and exporting CPAs to and from Oracle FMW 11g B2B.

Setup the build project
In JDeveloper, create an empty project and name it fmw-build for (more...)

How to change BPEL 11g preference values during deployment time

How you can set BPEL preferences in 11g during design time in JDeveloper and run-time in the EM console is described here (for the latter look in the comments for a reference).

Sometimes it is useful to change the preference values during deployment time, because preferences hold environment specific values. Actually, this is pretty easy by using composite deployment configuration plan(s). One for each target environment.

Right-click on the composite file and generate a deployment (more...)

Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g end-to-end tracking using the ECID

In a previous posting I described how you could use composite sensors to enable end-to-end tracking for messages that move through the Oracle Fusion Middleware SCA engine and the B2B engine.

Today, I discovered that you can also use ECID for end-to-end tracking. The B2B application message contains all the tracking properties that are originated from the SCA composite that submitted the message to the B2B engine. With the B2B Report console you are able (more...)