Java Geeks Ride Again

| Sep 28, 2014

JavaOne rolled into town on Saturday morning when the Geek Bike Ride got underway. We had 35 riders from 9 different countries**. Hosted by the Silicon Valley JUG, they distributed jerseys designed by community members from Brazil. 

The weather was perfect, we had sun and no wind. We had lots of fun and photo stops. Hills were climbed. New friends were made. We road across the Golden Gate bridge and rolled into Sausalito. We (more...)

JavaOne Video Feed: Watch Hacking and Interviews Live

| Sep 27, 2014

It's time for the brain-stuffing session-overloading, not-enough-sleeping, powered-by-coffee-ing, showing-off-hacking, laugh-inducing, making-new-friending, old-home-weeking, learning new tech-ing JavaOne. The NightHacking stage will be at the Java Hub, JavaOne exhibit hall, Grand Ballroom, Hilton Union Square in San Francisco. If you can't make it to JavaOne, you can get a flavor of this mother-of-all Java conferences on

We will provide a feed of hacking and interviews with lights of the Java community. I'll be interviewing people (more...)