Couchbase 101 : install, store and query data

Introduction In this post I just want to show how easily is to get started with Couchbase, and also explain how to “query” the data. The basic steps of this tutorial are: Install Couchbase  Create Data  Query Data  I will try to post more articles, if I have time to (more...)

eXo Platform: Internationalization of content

In this screencast I explain the support of multi-lingual content of eXo Platform 3.5. The different features that you can see in this video are: Support of multiple languages from URL  Configure the eXo File Explorer to add support for multi-lingual content (new button) Content translation Add new language (more...)

Twitter Boostrap 2 and Google Maps

Like many developers I am using Twitter Boostrap for my Web applications. Using this framework has been very helpful for me, since I am really not a good HTML/CSS developer. For now, on my site Resultri I am using the default look and feel, will customize it later. Lately, I (more...)

SAP Cloud Inside : Build and Run Applications in the Cloud

Last week I was invited to present eXo Cloud IDE during the SAP Cloud Inside. This SAP Community event was a great opportunity to discuss about the cloud with an interesting point of view: the impact of the cloud for SAP customers (especially administrators and developers). During this presentation I (more...)

Google AppEngine Full Text Search with Cloud SQL

Introduction Many Google AppEngine developers have been waiting for the Full Text Search feature, especially coming from Google the biggest search engine on the Web. I was quite happy to see that Google team is working on it as you can check in the Google I/O 2011 session : Full (more...)

eXo Platform : Integrate Twitter and eXo Activity Stream

eXo Platform 3.5 provides many extension points and API for developers, allowing them to create very cool stuff. I have developed a small extension that allows any user to associate his Twitter account to his eXo Platform account. This extension simply post on your Twitter account when you write (more...)