Building a chat application using Node.js and Couchbase

After some basic articles about Couchbase installation, Node.js integration. Let's now dive into a more complete  example: a chat application. The first version of the chat should be compliant with the following requirements: web based single room user just needs to enter a login and he can start to (more...)

Couchbase : Create a large dataset using Twitter and Java

An easy way to create large dataset when playing/demonstrating Couchbase -or any other NoSQL engine- is to inject Twitter feed into your database. For this small application I am using: Couchbase Server 2.0 Server Couchbase Java SDK (will be installed by Maven) Twitter4J (will be installed by Maven) Twitter (more...)

Create a Simple Node.js and Couchbase application… on OS X

NOTE: The Couchbase Node.js Client Library is currently changing. I will update this article and source code once the API is stable. I am currently playing a little bit with Node.js . It is quite fun! In this article I won't go in a a very complex application but (more...)

Couchbase 101 : install, store and query data

Introduction In this post I just want to show how easily is to get started with Couchbase, and also explain how to “query” the data. The basic steps of this tutorial are: Install Couchbase  Create Data  Query Data  I will try to post more articles, if I have time to (more...)

eXo Platform: Internationalization of content

In this screencast I explain the support of multi-lingual content of eXo Platform 3.5. The different features that you can see in this video are: Support of multiple languages from URL  Configure the eXo File Explorer to add support for multi-lingual content (new button) Content translation Add new language (more...)

Twitter Boostrap 2 and Google Maps

Like many developers I am using Twitter Boostrap for my Web applications. Using this framework has been very helpful for me, since I am really not a good HTML/CSS developer. For now, on my site Resultri I am using the default look and feel, will customize it later. Lately, I (more...)

SAP Cloud Inside : Build and Run Applications in the Cloud

Last week I was invited to present eXo Cloud IDE during the SAP Cloud Inside. This SAP Community event was a great opportunity to discuss about the cloud with an interesting point of view: the impact of the cloud for SAP customers (especially administrators and developers). During this presentation I (more...)