Fashion and Wearable Tech: We Don’t All Wear Overalls in Work

Big problem with wearable tech: It’s not particularly wearable.

Part of this failing is a clear lack of any fashion or sense of style evident in the current crop of wearable tech offered to the consumer. What chance then would using wearable tech for work have?

To use an analogy it seems as if wearable tech makers might think we all wear Star Trek uniforms or overalls to work and rely solely used character-based green-screen (more...)

Is #WearableTech Robust Enough? For Work? For Life?

I’m now on my third replacement Google Glass, second Pebble, have lost count of the number of FitBit issues, and don’t start me on the experience I’ve had with the Misfit Wearables Shine.

Since I’ve started using wearable technology in a serious way I have not a month free of grief caused by some major device component acting up or the whole shebang failing.


Google Glass, FitBit, Shine, Pebble. A revolving door of issues (more...)

How Accurate Are Wearables for Running? Why Not Test It for Real?

How accurate are wearable devices for fitness? And does it matter?

There’s a lot of research out there to suggest there are issues with actual accuracy of what’s being recorded, and variances between different devices and what they measure too. If you use different fitness bands simultaneously you will no doubt have noticed some of this.

I’m a runner, and into tracking and measuring stuff, so I decided to test out my own wearables and (more...)

SCOTUX: Cell Phones Important Feature of Human Anatomy

If there’s anyone out there still hoping to close a deal or impress customers with a message about how “mobile is a game changer”, then the words of Chief Justice John Roberts of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) might clarify just how outdated such positioning is:

Cellphones “are now such a pervasive and insistent part of daily life that the proverbial visitor from Mars might conclude they were an important feature of (more...)

Enterprise Apps As Easy to Use as…

Storytelling and being able to empathize with users is a critical part of user experience. So how should we gauge and communicate just how easy it is to use modern enterprise apps?

Consider this for an idea: If you can use a bank ATM or an inflight entertainment system on an plane then you be well qualified to pick up a tablet and start using the application on it immediately too. That’s the level of (more...)

UXer Will Wireframe for Food. Well, Bacon.

I had great fun—and learned a lot in the process—by taking part in an internal Oracle hackathon using Estimote beacons. I joined a team developing a find food fast app using sensors, cleverly named iBacon (iBeacon, iBacon, geddit?).

iBacon didn’t win.

But what we achieved in those three days of the hackathon really knocked me out. It taught me a lot about teamwork and flexible working, and gave me a real-world insight into how (more...)

Wearable Tech: Expectations and User Experience Starts with the Box

I always remember Jeremy Ashley (@jrwashley), über-UX story teller and master setter of expectations—and VP of the Oracle Applications User Experience team—explaining to me early on that a good way of grasping what user experience was about was to recall those feelings experience of opening an Apple product’s box and peeking inside.

Jeremy pulled an awesome emotional trigger for me with that example. I immediately empathized. Of course, it helped that the (more...)

Oracle EchoUser Design Jam in San Francisco

Oracle EchoUser Design Jam in San Francisco

Dude, Where’s My Battery Status? FitBit Show You Where

I do like the FitBit Flex user experience.

One of the infuriating issues about current wearables is when the device fails, you lose connectivity, and the power dies. And you don’t realize it until it’s too late. Your valuable data is gone.

Visibility into system status is an OG usability heuristic, yet not everyone’s got the message. Communicating  information to users on what’s going to happen with the system so they can react in (more...)

Waze of Working that UX Outreach in Israel

Just back from getting the UX message out at the iLOUG Business Day 2014 in Israel where I demoed the Oracle Voice mobile app live, spoke about voice technology’s emergence in work, and explained voice UX design principles.

I always use local examples in my outreach, where I can. It’s all empathy and context, baby! Such examples were easy to find this time, as Israel has plenty of great tech innovation to inspire the (more...)

A Glance at Wearables in the Enterprise: Beyond Devices

Some thoughts on where we are with mobile devices and have they paved the way for wearable tech adoption in the enterprise…

Mobile State of Play

We’re past the idea of “mobile devices” being “game changers”. Everything is “mobile” now. Devices, just like tech artifacts and code, need to fade into the background and be hidden to users. That’s what an awesome user experience (UX) is about. So, let’s talk about “mobility” instead – that (more...)