Duolingo: A UX Storyteller’s Dream

I really love the language learning app Duolingo. I’ve been a big fan of it since early days and have a few new efforts underway with it! I now use it for Irish, Dutch, Spanish and Italian.

Exploring Spanish on Duolingo. I think I will wait until a get a bit more fluent before sharing on LinkedIn. Social is a key part of the experience.

I’m especially thrilled that my own language, Irish (Gaeilge (more...)

Nerds Get Sexy at the Dublin Tech Support

I attended the first Dublin Tech Summit (@DTS) and have to say I was very impressed by the depth and breadth of the event, and even learned new things, renewed old acquaintances and forged new business relationships.

DTS offered a powerful schedule covering from Fashion and Healthcare to IoT and FinTech and more for an audience ranging from storytellers to investors to coders, and was combined with workshops and a platform for startups as well (more...)

Death and Resurrection of a Fitbit Experience

My first Fitbit Surge died. I bought the device in March 2015 and used it everywhere. I documented my user experience of the Fitbit Surge from Helsinki to Beijing and wore it the whole time, including during several marathons in the U.S. and Europe. 

I loved using the thing and the experience of analyzing and comparing recorded activity data with other Fitbit users was great, and still is. 

Sure, I bitched about (more...)

Running Watches and Starting Line Rituals in the Wild

Just back from completing my 3rd Florence Marathon (Firenze Marathon or Maratona di Firenze if you prefer). A great run around a fantastic city. I really enjoyed it and my finish time wasn’t too bad for my little legs.

While in Florence I noticed some great, localized Asics billboards for the event and they reminded me of how personal technology drives the adoption of what might seem to be “curious rituals” of behaviour, be it (more...)

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(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3MJLcH0nGs)

Vector Watch Streams Competition: Developing Glanceable Notifications

I am pleased to say that I was asked by Vector folks in Bucharest to be one of the judges of the Vector Watch Streams competition for developers

I have a big interest, shall we say, in the user experience of wearable technology, especially smart watches, so I couldn’t wait to see the entries and what they might offer UX pros and the fashion conscious wearable tech whisperer alike. 

Of course, I am (more...)

Blue, Gorm, Elektrisches Blau: David Bowie in Irish and Transcreation

Táimid ann sa mhóimint dhraíochtach seo
Sin é an stuif as a bhfitear brionglóidí  …

I’m mega-fan of the music of the late David Bowie. I love everything he did from Hunky Dory (1971) up to his Lodger (1979) album (you can keep the rest). His so-called Berlin Trilogy is amongst my favorite recordings; I always go to some of his old Berlin haunts whenever I find myself in the Hauptstadt

Indeed, Berlin is the European city (more...)

Lethal Combination Unpacked in Bucharest’s TechHub

Check out the report of the awesome Vector and Oracle Applications User Experience co-hosted event held at Bucharest’s TechHub.  

The evening’s interactive sessions focused on engaging the digital community there on the topics of cloud and wearable technology user experience.

Who will leave their Apple Watch to their grandchildren? Enablement in Digital Romania

Special care was taken to ensure all aspects of the event were well balanced:


(Guinness versus Murphys)

Watch out (more...)

Powerful Tech Together in Bucharest: The Cloud and Wearable Technology Experience

An engaging, interactive set of sessions that brings you the latest in user experience trends, emerging technology insights, startup innovation, and cloud computing hotness from Bucharest and Silicon Valley.  

See you there! Sign up here


Bridget Jones’s Baby 2.0

Great video from Oracle OpenWorld 2016 demoing Amazon Echo and Oracle HCM Cloud: Gretchen Alacon updates her HR record using voice with HCM!

Hat tip: Nin

I dream of wires. Not

I’m a mega Gary Numan fan. I’ve loved his stuff since the Tubeway Army days (I sometimes use “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” as a heading on my presentations about smart user experiences) and his records were some of the first I bought.

 One of my favorite Numan tracks is “I Dream of Wires” from the Telekon album. (the song was also covered by the late Robert Palmer). The lyrics tell the story of the (more...)

Garmin vívomove: Style Disconnect

I have been testing the latest Garmin vívomove activity tracker for real. Garmin has pretty much made their high-end wearable devices a no-brainer choice for the hardcore and committed athletics and fitness types, and I already use the mighty Garmin fēnix 3

However, Garmin is also not content to leave the rest of the sports watch market to Fitbit and friends and the activity tracker market is now a large part of their business. The (more...)

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaDfJ6vH2KM)

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaDfJ6vH2KM)

Why Digital UX matters in business.

Why Digital UX matters in business.

Basis Peak Recall: Wearable Tech Grows Up and Gets Burnt

Using wearable tech is not just some emotive fashion statement but a physical commitment to keep something on your body. With smart watches being close to the skin, and all about wellness and fitness, they need to be safe and not present health risks

Just like any other product there are going to be times that things don’t work out, but with something as like wearable tech if something does go seriously wrong, then (more...)

User Experience matters in business. Ever experienced…

User Experience matters in business. Ever experienced frustration using an ATM or in-flight entertainment system? Think about how you felt and what it meant for that business. This short presentation explains why UX matters… it’s you and your business that wins …

Corporates Enable Startups with UX in the Cloud: PaaS4SaaS

Senior UX Director Ultan O’Broin (@ultan) keeps his finger on the pulse of the startup scene in EMEA with an eye to enabling that community with his team’s outreach machine. Here he talks about user experience (UX) enablement’s offer to startups to accelerate their SaaS and PaaS opportunities.

 When Life Gives You Lemons, Pivot

Jared of Pied Piper Pivots

Pivoting: That realization that a permanent income is preferable to remaining just a fascination.

After over two decades (more...)

Vector Watch: Lovin’ New Customer Experience Yet Needs More Personalization

I’m still loving my Vector Watch and use it daily, worldwide. The smartwatch continues to attract attention with a great wow factor that impacts those around me as I travel about. The watch is definitely a good fit for my global work/life style, packing an awesome combination of stylish looks, activity tracking capability, long battery life, robustness and a well designed app that adds up to a neat smartwatch user experience that takes a lot (more...)

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-Y8xmGDfPk)

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-Y8xmGDfPk)

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPoiv0sZ4s4)

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPoiv0sZ4s4)