What influences people in UX today? People, things, places of…

What influences people in UX today? People, things, places of color and diversity.

Your eBook for building Oracle Applications Cloud simplified UIs…

Your eBook for building Oracle Applications Cloud simplified UIs with Oracle ADF is here. Thanks Karen Scipi. Free from tinyurl.com/SimplifiedUI #UX

The pervasiveness of Windows software in dentistry continues….

The pervasiveness of Windows software in dentistry continues. Why 1) it works 2) lack of alternatives. A while before “ok, Glass. Say “Ahhhh.” Guerrilla UX from a San Francisco dentist chair.

There’s Always One: iPad Photographers and Other UX Gestures

There’s a great sample sales app out there on the Oracle ADF Mobile Design wiki showing how task flows differ depending on a well-rounded understanding of user requirements.

Notice how using the device to take photographs during a meeting is missing from the tablet (let’s assume it’s an Apple iPad) task flow, yet present in the smart phone equivalent.


The iPad Photographer. Image from Curious Rituals: Gestural Interactions in the Digital Everyday eBook.

Using an iPad (more...)

Driving Miss DVT*. The Evolution of Dashboards User Experience

For many of us, our first exposure to the concept of a dashboard was in the car. Indeed, the term is still used most frequently in that context. Since the days of the Ford Model T, dashboards in cars have come a long way.


Bentley Continental GTC dashboard (Source: WikiPedia)

Dashboards on the web, and in enterprise applications, have also come a long way since our first exposure to the pioneering digital dashboard (more...)

Simple to Use, Simple to Build: Your Oracle Simplified UI Design Patterns eBook is Here

The Simplified UI design patterns and guidelines for building the Oracle HCM Cloud and Oracle Sales Cloud simplified user interfaces are now available from the Oracle Applications User Experience team as an eBook.


The eBook covers the Oracle ADF-based UX design patterns, page types, and components used to build the SUIs, and now you can build your own cool UIs too.

The book is simple to read, it’s short, and it’s free!

Click (more...)

Oracle Applications User Experience: The New Cool. And Hip With It Too!

Great shout out for the Oracle Applications Cloud Release 8 Simplified UI by all-round Oracle Applications UX champ and enterprise applications guru Floyd Teter (@fteter). He tells us: “Simple is the new cool.


Simplified UI Home Page. A tablet-first crisp experience from the cloud.

Nicely put. But, if that’s not enough kudos, try this Dutch language article, “Oracle doet hip en demonstreert interfaces”. The article is about the AMIS-hosted (more...)

Enterprise UX Change Optics: Newton (Isaac not Apple’s)

Tech startups have a key role to play in bringing out change in enterprise user experience (UX), as pointed out in this great Wired article: Enterprise UX: Why the Paradigm Shifts.

Now, there are many nuances to enterprise-level user experience and the stakeholders are different to the consumer UX space, even though the consumerization of information technology driven by users expectation is now a given. Innovation in the startup space ultimately influences consumers before the (more...)