Configuring swap in Automated Installer

| May 1, 2013

I was recently asked to help a customer in their deployment efforts of a SPARC SuperCluster environment for Oracle applications. The question was "How can we configure a different size for a swap device when provisioning Solaris 11?". The answer was clearly "through the Automated Installer (AI) manifest", but (more...)

Ready.Set.Move: Solaris 10 to Solaris 11

| Apr 9, 2013

As you begin to consider moving from Solaris 10 to Solaris 11, remember to check out the End of Feature Notices we posted here, in order to help you plan properly. Example: If you have SunOS 4 binaries you're running on Solaris 11, you'd need to run them in (more...)

Deploying an application in Solaris 11

| Apr 4, 2013

My colleague Glynn Foster recently recorded a youtube tutorial, showing how an application can be deployed in Oracle Solaris 11 whilst taking advantage of core OS capabilities, such as IPS, SMF and, of course, virtualization via Zones. Hardware abstraction and virtualization are hot and so why not take advantage of (more...)

New ISV applications for Solaris 11

| Apr 3, 2013


We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to make the following announcement:

Folks working in our ISV engineering group have recently shared some new developments; there's a number of new 3rd party applications have been released with support for Oracle Solaris 11 just this March'13

    * HP; GlancePlus 11. (more...)

5-minute video on upgrading

| Apr 1, 2013

In this brief 5-minute interview, Bart Smaalders, of Core Solaris Engineering, talks about the journey we've been on in enhancing Solaris upgrade paths for Solaris 10 customers

More details and How-To papers are available at the Simplified Installation section of Oracle Technology Network, here

Building out Solaris 11 using existing Solaris 10 estate

| Apr 1, 2013

Some news in the How-to-help-customers-move-to-Solaris-11 department, we have published a How-To document that provides steps on using existing Solaris 10 JumpStart servers to provision new Solaris 11 systems, without having to build a Solaris 11 Automated Install server system first (which may have been a chicken-and-the-egg scenario for some customers). (more...)

Solaris SPARCs the next

| Mar 26, 2013

Today we are announcing systems with the world's fastest processor. These are all running the unique combination of the new SPARC T5/M5 family of processors and Solaris 11 !  To those of you who've been led astray by the competition who are dis-illusioned that Solaris and SPARC "are dead", well - (more...)