Adding users in Solaris 11 with power like the initial account

During Solaris 11.1 installation, the system administrator is prompted for a user name and password which will be used to create an unprivileged account. For security reasons, by default, root is a role, not a user, therefore the initial login can't be to a root account. The first login (more...)

Debugging Hadoop using Solaris Studio in a Solaris 11 Zone

I've found Orgad Kimchi's How to Set Up a Hadoop Cluster Using Oracle Solaris Zones to be very useful, however, for a development environment, it is too complex. When map/reduce tasks are running in a clustered environment, it is challenging to isolate bugs. Debugging is easier when working within a (more...)

non-interactive zone configuration

When creating new Solaris zones, at initial boot up, the system administrator is prompted for the new hostname, network settings, etc of the new zone. I get tired of the brittle process of manually entering the initial settings and I prefer to be able to automate the process. I had (more...)

Hadoop Java Error logs

I was having trouble isolating a problem with "reduce" tasks running on Hadoop slave servers. 

After poking around on the Hadoop slave, I found an interesting lead in /var/log/hadoop/userlogs/job_201302111641_0057/attempt_201302111641_0057_r_000001_1/stdout:

$ cat /tmp/hadoop-hadoop/mapred/local/userlogs/job_201302111641_0059/attempt_201302111641_0059_r_000001_1/stdout

# A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment:
#  SIGSEGV (0xb) (more...)