Time for Quality Pizza!

| May 15, 2013

I think you are ready for that now... Give it a try... Click on the Pizza, it's the original Italian certified recipe!
Your Customers will be satisfied for sure... Follow the process and the deliverable will be valuable...

Quality brings benefits to the Company and to the Customers

| Mar 11, 2013

This is not me saying that... There are tons of case studies and reports, for instance have a look at this article.

External Audit in Italy: Country-wide certification maintained

| Mar 11, 2013

After an intensive week full of interviews in our 4 sites (Rome, Milan, Padua and Turin), Oracle Italy has confirmed and maintained its ISO-9001 certification.

It can be seen as "obvious" but that's not the case, because if a serious non-compliance is found the certificate can be suspended and cannot be used in any formal communication to Customers and (negative impact on business) can't be handed over to Customers asking for it in a bid or public tender.

So, well done to all the team in Italy! For CSS/ESS we had the following people involved in the interviews in Milan (more...)