The 2013 International Conference on Principles and Practices of Programming on the Java platform: Virtual machines, languages and tools takes place in Stuttgart, Germany, just a few weeks ahead of JavaOne. They have already announced a couple of interesting keynotes on Kotlin, Truffle and Lambdas.

The Call for Papers can (more...)

CFP Time: JavaOne

With about a week to go, the deadline to submit your proposals for this year's JavaOne conference is approaching quickly. If you're like me, you've thought about what you'd like to submit, thrown some ideas around colleagues and are ready to click the shiny "Submit Now!" button on the (more...)

QotD: Oracle’s Stewardship of Java

Along with encouraging more JCP participation, Oracle is actively pushing forward the development of the Java SE platform with increased participation from the OpenJDK project. Oracle is committed to OpenJDK as the best open-source Java implementation and actively promotes community contribution to the project. Today there are more than 30 OpenJDK projects lead by a wide range of community members and employees of companies like AMD, Apple, IBM, Red Hat, SAP, and Oracle. In addition, OpenJDK has strong representation from academics, open-source operating system distribution developers, and individual software developers. The increased push to promote the OpenJDK effort has been (more...)