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This blog hasn’t seen any updates since over a year now and I do apologize for that. However, the reason for that is simple. Last year I’ve decided to take one a new project. But before I was going to tell everybody about it I wanted to make sure that I also really got the time to do so. In the meantime I got the confidence that the project will succeed and that (more...)

Oracle 12c background processes

Here is yet another Oracle 12c post to add to all those out there and this one starts with a question: How many background processes exist in an Oracle DB environment to date? Just take a moment and take a guess, if you haven’t already seen the bold number coming (more...)

Best hidden features in Oracle

I seem to get into a lot of conversations around Oracle Database Options lately. Of course the Database Options are great, no doubt about it. But people sometimes seem to forget what the word “option” means. There is a reason why Oracle doesn’t put everything into one big product but (more...)

Java class finding tool: ClassFinder

I got into more coding again lately and that is a good thing I think. I’m a believer of the German saying “Wer rastet, der rostet” or in English: A rolling stone gathers no moss! Java seems to be my main programming language since quite a while now. But believe (more...)

Oracle 12c enqueue waits

Just as with the new Oracle 12c lock types it’s time to take a quick look at the new enqueue waits in 12c. Oracle had a total of 304 enqueue waits. 12c has a total of 418. A lot of work seems also to have happened (more...)

Oracle 12c lock types

As stated in my previous post, it’s time for me to revisit some of my posts and check the relevance for 12c. Let’s start with the one on locks. As posted in late 2010 there are 202 different lock types in Oracle 11g. It’s actually 205 in 11.2.0. (more...)

Oracle 12c and the world part II

Here is a link to a great list from The Oracle Alchemist around Oracle 12c articles from the community:

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Oracle 12c and the world

Oracle Database 12c is out and the blogs out there are filled with the new features and improvements in the new version. For me it’s time to revisit some of my previous blog posts and compare them with 12c. Stay tuned….

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Oracle 12c database is out!

After more than 5 years of development Oracle has released version 12c of its flagship product the database. With a New Features Guide of 128 pages containing 500+ new features this is one of the biggest releases ever. You can download it for Linux and Solaris on Oracle Technology Network.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) Plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager

| Jan 15, 2013

Oracle has released an Enterprise Manager Plug-In for AWS. This Plug-In enables you to monitor and troubleshoot your cloud-based databases alongside with your on-premise databases with one single tool. Especially in cloud-based environments it can be tricky and time consuming to identify issues with your database. However,  by deploying this Plug-In within your OEM Cloud Control environment, you gain following management features:

  • Monitor EBS, EC2 and RDS instances on Amazon Web Services
  • Gather performance metrics and configuration details for AWS instances
  • Raise alerts and violations based on thresholds set on monitoring
  • Generate reports based on the gathered data

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